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HBO has just released an extremely short video of what looks to be Alex Skarsgård filming a scene from the third season of True Blood.

The video, while only seventeen seconds in total, shows a visibly beaten Eric Northman defending himself from an unknown attacker yelling, “Who sent you?!” Before any more information is revealed, it cuts to a black screen with the words “waiting sucks.” Yes, it does!

An HBO insider post in the True Blood forums claims that more behind-the-scenes clips will be released on Sunday night:

Did you catch that? HBO is airing behind-the-scenes snippets from the production of Season 3 every Sunday night following the encore plays of Season 2. This week, looks like Eric's covered in blood, fangs out. Who is he fighting and why??

Considering the clip is so short, it’s hard to ascertain what’s going on or whether there any spoilers, but it’s not exactly an everyday occurrence to see Eric Northman on the ground all battered and bruised.

With the third season of True Blood well into production, one could only guess where in the season this scene fits. We previously reported that when filming began, Alex Skarsgård was scheduled to film a bunch of scenes, so this could easily be one of them. Although, HBO could also be playing a horrible joke on all the True Blood fans by showing us a video of Alan Ball’s promise that we’ll be saying goodbye to at least one main character this season.

With Eric playing such an important roll in the subsequent books, I highly doubt he's to be the sacrificial lamb, but with only seventeen seconds of video and months before the third season premiere, speculating is the only thing us fans have.

Alright, enough of me, take a look at the video for yourself.

And because seventeen seconds just isn’t enough, HBO released another video of Eric Northman. However, this one is skewed to a more “specific” audience (and I’m not that audience).

If that’s not enough True Blood to hold you over, check out our previous articles on third season plot spoilers, general season 3 spoilers or find out if Arlene’s days are numbered.

What did you think of the video(s)? Does anyone know what’s going on? Who is the person that’s attacking Eric? Is this scene familiar to anything in the books? Were you the intended audience for the second video?

Let’s hear it!

Catch the third season premiere of True Blood June 13th on HBO.

Source: HBO

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