True Blood Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

Do you agree with where we sorted these True Blood characters into their various Hogwarts houses?

The magical worlds of the Harry Potter series and the True Blood series seem like they couldn't be more different. The Harry Potter world is an organized community of supernatural beings, whereas True Blood just seems to be a random hodgepodge of supes that collide with each other on occasion, with sometimes dangerous or even disastrous results. But perhaps the residents of Bon Temps would have been better off had they at least had the guidance of something like the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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If Sookie and company had wound up at Hogwarts then their backwoods Louisiana style would have undoubtedly shook up the prim and proper English school, and their squad is diverse enough that they would have wound up in every house in Hogwarts. The students at Hogwarts may not have appreciated this kind of an American invasion, but if the True Blood characters had attended the school, which houses would they have been in?

10 Sam Merlotte - Gryffindor

Sam Merlotte may be capable of transforming into any number of different animals, but no transformation can truly change his lion's heart. Sam has come across a lot of supernatural beings that were stronger and scarier than he is, but he has never been the type to back down or let anyone or anything else intimidate him. Sam had a tough upbringing but that didn't make him mean, and while he didn't always do the right thing he evolved into a sincerely decent person. Perhaps growing up in Gryffindor would have stopped him from making those first few mistakes, too.

9 Lafayette Reynolds - Ravenclaw

Every school class has those particular people who are known for a certain thing, like the head cheerleader or the class clown. Lafayette Reynolds would undoubtedly wind up in Ravenclaw house if he went to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and he would undoubtedly be known as that who always wins at games of the dozens.

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Lafayette's quick wit is pretty much unmatched in Bon Temps and surely couldn't be matched by any average Hogwarts students, but a school career in Ravenclaw would also help Lafayette to channel all of that intellect and energy into something a little more exciting than roasting any kids who happen to cross his path.

8 Andy Bellefleur - Hufflepuff

Andy Bellefleur is the hapless sheriff of Bon Temps, and at first glance he seems to embody a lot of the negative traits that come to mind when most people think of the rural south. But Andy still had room to grow, and grow he did. Andy isn't particularly comfortable with the world of the supernatural, especially when he becomes the parent of four supernatural daughters, but he is ultimately a loving and loyal man who values his home and family above pretty much everything else. He can step up to the plate when need be, but he'd rather just be safe and happy with the people he cares about.

7 Pam Swynford De Beaufort - Slytherin

Of course Pam is a Slytherin. What else could she even be? Pam does have a few select people who she loves deeply and sincerely, but when it comes to her typical attitude and behavior all she cares about is looking out for herself and for those select few people at any cost. Pam also clearly thinks very highly of herself, so her elitist attitude would fit right in with they typical Slytherin. Pam's life philosophy seems to be why work harder when you can work smarter, and she'd much rather skew any situation in her favor instead of leveling the playing field.

6 Jessica Hamby - Hufflepuff

Becoming a vampire seemed to be an almost freeing experience for Jessica Hamby, who was extremely sheltered and controlled by her human parents. And once she discovered her new power she went absolutely wild with it, although some of it seemed a little forced and unnatural for her.

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After she fully adjusted to the vampire world Jessica mellowed out significantly, and although she was a dangerous and beautiful supernatural predator she seemed to want little more than a regular human life. Her "sowing wild oats" phase wasn't particularly wild, and her caring and loyal personality seems like a brilliant fit for Hufflepuff.

5 Jason Stackhouse - Gryffindor

If someone just isn't intelligent enough to be afraid, can you really call them brave? It's a philosophical question for the ages, and clearly Jason Stackhouse is just that kind of person who isn't smart enough to be scared. But regardless of that, Jason is never the type to walk away from a fight, and he generally does seem committed to doing the right thing. Jason could have probably found a happy home at Hufflepuff, but ultimately he really is a better fit for Gryffindor. Even if it only gives him a positive way to channel his alpha male aggression, house Gryffindor is bound to bring out the best in Jason.

4 Tara Thornton - Gryffindor

For anyone who is on the market for a true blue, endlessly loyal friend then someone like Tara Thornton is basically a dream come true. Tara loves to tell it like it is and her aggression gets her in trouble sometimes, but if she loves someone then she is absolutely ride or die for them.

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And in an exceptionally scary and unpredictable supernatural world, Tara is one of the few True Blood characters who seems to be almost fearless. And (SPOILER ALERT) Tara eventually does literally die for her friends, which makes her every bit the lion-hearted Gryffindor that Godric himself would have loved.

3 Bill Compton - Slytherin

Within the world of True Blood Bill Compton is kind of the classic romantic hero. Or at least that's the persona he likes to present to the rest of the world. Bill and Sookie's relationship is something straight out of a romance novel, except Bill's introduction to Sookie and his presence in her life is predicated on a lie. Bill makes a fair effort to be honorable and decent, but when his eye is on any prize he tends to lose sight of everything else, and he doesn't seem to care too much about the consequences of his actions so long as he gets what he wants.

2 Eric Northman - Ravenclaw

True Blood Eric Northman

Eric Northman is a character who would probably fit right into Gryffindor as well as Slytherin if he were at Hogwarts, but ultimately it seems like Ravenclaw would be his best fit. Eric is cunning and brave to be sure, but to get as far as he has he really needed to outwit a lot of vampires who were older and more powerful than him. Granted vampires theoretically have nothing but time, but one thing that seems to have consistently led Eric to victory is his willingness to wait and plan for what he wants instead of letting his emotions get the better of him, and his dedication to thinking over feeling makes him an ideal Ravenclaw.

1 Sookie Stackhouse - Hufflepuff

Despite the fact that Sookie Stackhouse seems to continually find herself at the center of the most dramatic supernatural dramas, she really isn't the type to get into a lot of adventure unless she's absolutely forced to. Sookie has been gifted with extraordinary skills and magical abilities, but she for the most part feels like her life would be easier if she were just a normal person. Sookie is also a very loyal and loving girl, and she likes to care for and defend the people that matter to her. She's just the kind of student who would have done Helga Hufflepuff proud.

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