'True Blood' Throws Another Body on the Cast Pile [Updated]


Lindsay Pulsipher has recently joined the cast of the HBO hit series, True Blood (Bloody Disgusting sounded the alarm).  Update: She'll be playing Crystal, a mysterious young woman who shares an electric connection with Jason, or so says EW.  That puts the total number of women who've shared an electric connection with Jason somewhere in the vacinity of 400,000.  Pulsipher is the newest addition to the long line of folks recently cast for the coming third season of True Blood.

Where have you seen her before?  Who else is scheduled to show up?  Got a few answers for you on those fronts.

Pulsipher has previously  appeared in CSI: NY and the brilliantly titled Touched by an Angel and Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service.  Other new faces include Theo Alexander (also of CSI: NY fame), Marshall Allman (Prison Break) and Alfre Woodard (The Practice).  Click here and here to find out who else is coming to dinner.

Pulsipher, Alexander, Allman, Woodard et cetera ad infinitum will be joining the beloved Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Ryan Kwanten and numerous others in Bon Temps.

The next season of True Blood airs on HBO in June of 2010.  Want the inside scoop on what's comin'?  Willing to sacrifice the thrill of remaining unspoiled for it?  Sully yourself with spoilerific knowledge in our season 3 preview!

Source: Bloody Disgusting, EW

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