True Blood: 10 Burning Questions We Probably Won’t Ever Get Answers To

True Blood left a ton of things open for debate when it ended, and here are 1- burning questions we still have about the show.

True Blood was the incredibly popular, campy, and over-the-top HBO fantasy series about vampires that was adapted from Charlaine Harris's book series, The Southern Vampire Mysteries. The series aired for seven seasons and was often the most anticipated and talked about show of the summer.

There has yet to be another summer show with the same amount of ridiculous soapiness as True Blood. It has become a staple in vampire fiction with its southern gothic vibes, gore, and ludicrous amounts of sex. But that said, the show did take a dip in quality in its last seasons and there are some questions we never got answers to, and now probably never will.

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10 Who is Sookie's husband?

Will Sookie choose Eric or Bill? Or maybe even Alcide? Trick question—Sookie doesn't end up with any of them. In fact, she doesn't even end up with someone we've met before. After all her romantic troubles over the course of seven seasons, Team Bill and Team Eric fans were left monumentally disappointed, (Alcide fans too since he wound up dead).

After all that, Sookie marries a random guy who we don't even get to meet properly. In the grand finale, we only see glimpses of him. It's pretty disappointing that the creators chose a cop-out way of avoiding ship wars. #TeamEric all the way.

9 Why was Bill so different from the other Hep-V vampires?

When Bill gets infected with the deadly vampire disease, Hep-V, it appears to be all over for the vampire. Eventually, it is but Bill is not all weird and bloodthirsty like the other vampires who are infected by the disease. Hep-V is such a big part of the True Blood lore because it was introduced as one of the few serious vampire weaknesses.

It seems strange that the series would introduce something like that only to let it fall by the wayside by not having their main character grapple with the dangerous side effects. But Bill is just never affected in the same way as everyone else and it's never given a real explanation as to why.

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8 Why didn't vampires use their healing abilities more?

It always seemed strange that the vampire didn't just use their blood, which has been shown to have healing properties on multiple occasions, to just heal the bite marks on their victims. By glamorizing their human blood bags and then using a dab of their blood to remove the mark on their necks, they should have been able to eat whoever they wanted without alerting anyone of what they were doing.

Part of the novelty of being a fangbanger was definitely in adorning the bite marks like souvenirs, but, for all other unwilling participants, it probably would have made vampire lives easier to just cover up their illegal feedings.

7 What was the deal with Lafayette's lack of finale screen time?

Lafayette Reynolds was one of the most popular characters on True Blood. His character was originally supposed to die at the end of the first season, as that is what happens in the book series, but he was so popular that the showrunners and writers couldn't justify killing him off.

He became one of the main characters and even developed some magical abilities of his own, which were dropped and not explored to their fullest potential, sadly. But, worst of all, in the show's final hour, he didn't even get any speaking lines or anything to do with the greater storyline. he was just shuffled off to the side as if he was a minor character. It was super disappointing to fans.

6 Why didn't the show give Jason his fae abilities?

In the book series, Jason Stackhouse had some fae blood in him because he came from the same bloodline as Sookie. There was even a whole storyline about one of the fae looking almost identical to Jason. But, on the show, Jason doesn't really demonstrate any of the same abilities as his sister.

He was able to be manipulated by Mary-Ann in season two, yet he also was able to have some visions later on in the show. It's like the writers couldn't decide if they wanted to dabble in that storyline or not. In the books, it was also evident that Jason's fae blood was why so many women found him irresistible.

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5 Will Sookie's children have her telepathy?

It would have been interesting if we had been able to see what happened to Sookie's children. Would she have passed down her fae abilities to her offspring? Is it possible her kids may have inherited her irresistibility to vampires or maybe her telepathy?

It would have been cool to see a flash-forward or an epilogue that teased the presence of some of those magical powers because then we'd know that Sookie could handle it in a way her parents never could. Sookie was treated poorly by her mother who thought she was a freak for her mind-reading. But we know Sookie would be a much better mother to her children.

4 Is Ginger still a Fangtasia employee?

Ginger was one of many lovable and hilarious side characters on True Blood. She was the very human employee who worked at Fangtasia doing all of Pam and Eric's untimely bidding. Seriously, can you think of a single Ginger scene that wasn't hilarious?

So, one has to wonder if Ginger is still working at Fangtasia? It's kind of assumed she's going to work there until she dies and even then who knows? Maybe they'll turn her into a vampire just to keep her around. She's undeniably loyal to a fault. It wouldn't be Fangtasia without Ginger bumbling around somewhere in the background.

3 Who turned Steve Newlin?

Steve Newlin was one of those characters that was annoying as all get out but also kind of fun to hate at the same time. He was first introduced back in the second season as the leader of the Fellowship of the Sun, a vampire-hating church that Jason briefly got brainwashed into joining.

We see Steve Newlin show up again a few seasons later, and he's officially become the thing he hates most: a vampire! The turn was pretty surprising, but we never actually find out who turned Steve. Many people theorize that it may have been Pam, but there has been no concrete evidence either way.

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2 Who is governing the vampires now?

Everyone with authority in the vampire world is dead, including The Authority! Plus, basically all the kings and queens, at least the ones we were introduced to, the magistrate, and even Bill Compton. So who exactly is protecting and governing the vampires now? In the book series, there are multiple vampire kings and queens for every district.

It is possible there could be others in the show universe, too—it's likely, even, since they can't have all be governed by Sophie-Anne. Perhaps the still reigning monarchs would come together to form a new authority, or something similar to that? Maybe they'll have better luck this time.

1 Who was Pam's first progeny?

We all know that Pam eventually turns Tara into a vampire after a desperate Sookie turns to her for help. Their pairing actually became super popular as people loved seeing Pam and Tara together—at least up until Tara's ridiculous and untimely death. However, before Pam does turn Tara, she mentions that this isn't the first time she's done it.

Could it be as people were theorizing that Pam did indeed turn Steve Newlin? Could she have been lying to save face? Or does she really have a secret progeny running around out there that we never got the chance to meet?

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