More Tropic Thunder Websites Plus Early Release Date

The campaign is ramping up big time for the big summer comedy (that might actually turn out to be funny) Tropic Thunder. A week ago we told you about the Rain of Madness website which promotes a fake documentary about the film (it's very funny and well worth checking out, BTW), and now we have a slew of additional ones for you.


This gets a bit confusing. :-) The websites are dedicated to actor that Ben Stiller plays in the film and his other (fictional) projects. So Tugg Speedman is the name of the actor Ben Stiller plays in Tropic Thunder, but not the name of the character that "Tugg Speedman" is playing in the movie within the movie.

Got it? Good.

It's really worth digging through the sites for a few laughs. On his biography page, it states:

"...his chiseled good looks and 24-pack abs got him bigger and better parts..."

Then there's the Simple Jack movie where Stiller as Speedman plays a mentally handicapped man that can "talk to animals"

Finally we have a Rambo-type movie: Scorcher VI: Global Meltdown (yes, number 6), and you MUST go read the synopsis for the film ("If you can't stand the heat, get outta my face!")

Again, all this is no guarantee the actual Tropic Thunder movie will be funny (Ben Stiller has been very hit or miss IMHO) but at least the marketing is worth a giggle or two.

And before I forget, the release date has been brought closer by two days: Tropic Thunder will now open on Wednesday, August 13th.

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