Tropic Thunder Goes Viral With Rain Of Madness

It looks like The Dark Knight isn't the only movie production that knows how to go viral: Tropic Thunder is trying it's hand as well with a website touting a documentary about the making of Tropic Thunder. The kicker is that the "documentary" Rain of Madness treats what happens in Tropic Thunder as actual, real events.

There's an introduction on the website from the "director" which starts this way:


I am German born filmmaker Jan Jürgen. I am writing to you from Vietnam, after documenting the making of a Hollywood classic called, 'Tropic Thunder.' While the actors and filmmakers try to tell their story of heroism set in the chaos of the Vietnam War, I too will be telling a story. One that has never, until now, been told. A story that I have wanted to tell since I was a child."

Here's the trailer:


Aaaaand a poster for the pseudo-doc:

For more viral goodness head over to

Tropic Thunder opens on August 15th.

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