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With Tron Legacy set to hit theaters this Christmas, it would be prudent for Disney to re-release the original. After all, it has been 28 years since Tron opened to moderate success against the reigning box office behemoth, E.T., and many young moviegoers are not that familiar with it.

To advertise the franchise's return to theaters (if the studio agrees with the logic), let me suggest this fan-made trailer from YouTube user DrewboiX that proves just how ahead of its time the original Tron was.

With all the modern style of a contemporary preview, the three-decade-old movie could almost pass for brand new, thanks to this "re-mastered" Tron trailer. As much as I love watching classic movie trailers, this very well-edited video makes me want to re-watch Tron more than the official original trailer ever could.

The only thing missing for newcomers, though, is the set-up with footage from the real world. Tron's original trailer features a great moment with Jeff Bridges before he enters the computer world - those moments would really appeal to Big Lebowski fans. Of course, those shots would date the movie, and the point seems to be making Tron look like it could easily fit into the 2010 market.

Check it out:


Honestly, I'm a bit surprised that Disney isn't bringing the original Tron back to cinemas this year. Ideally, though maybe not completely embraced by fans, it would be retrofitted for 3D in anticipation of the sequel, which was actually shot in 3D.

Disney did that very thing with the first two Toy Story movies last fall to usher in the upcoming third film. And likewise, Toy Story 3 was made with 3D in mind, while the earlier installments were retrofitted. Eventually, though, attempting such re-releases ahead of new 3D installments (Pirates of the Caribbean for example) would be very difficult in an already crowded 3D marketplace. For now, we have videos like this to entertain us.

Tron Legacy will open, with or without a lead-in, on December 17, 2010.

Source: Cinema Blend & YouTube

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