Tr2n / Tron 2.0 / Tron 2 Is Now Just 'Tron'

When Disney initially dropped the footage for the up and coming Tron flick at Comic-Con last summer it was titled TR2N. Since then there have been rumors running around the internet saying the film had been retitled Tron 2.0, and then just plain old Tron 2. However, during the Disney presentation at ShoWest it was revealed that the actual title of the film will just be... TRON.

There is a new logo for TRON, which site-runner Peter Sciretta attempted to recreate from what was shown:

For a non-graphic designer it isn't half bad and gives a decent representation of what Disney has in store for Tron. As for giving the sequel the same name as the original movie, I don't exactly know how I feel about that. It's sort of strange because it might be confusing for the general population. Maybe they will alter the title some time before the movie goes to theaters by adding some sort of tagline to the film to help distinguish it from the original.

However, I can't say that making more of a buzz around the movie by confusing the sequel from the original is too stupid, either. Whatever gets people talking, right?

What do you think about Disney's move to keep the Tron sequel titled the same as the original?

Source: Slashfilm

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