TRON Reboot in the Works; Jared Leto May Star

Jared Leto Tron reboot

In an age of reboots and long awaited sequels, there has continued to be a desire by many to see more from TRON. The game has seen two live-action adaptations with Jeff Bridges leading the original take in 1982, and then later appeared in a long awaited sequel with TRON: Legacy. The second installment was not led by Bridges however and instead focused on Garrett Hedlund, as he entered the cyberspace and looked to escape with Olivia Wilde.

Unfortunately for TRON fans, Legacy did not perform as well as Disney had hoped and sent plans for a third installment back into development hell where it has stayed for years. Now, it looks like they are finally ready to revive the franchise, and to do so, they appear to be eyed Suicide Squad's Jared Leto as their leading man.

THR is reporting that Disney is currently in the very early stages of development on a TRON reboot. With the project being so early in development, no writer or director have yet to be attached, but that has not stopped Jared Leto from circling the role. If the project moves forward, Leto would play a character named Ares who was originally set to appear in the third TRON story.

Tron: Legacy - Garrett Hedlund and Olivia Wilde

It is interesting timing for the news to come out for a TRON reboot to be in the works. It was just earlier this week that Joseph Kosinski, the man behind Legacy and scheduled to direct the third film as well, gave updates on what his second movie would've accomplished. His statements that the project is simply in cryogenic freeze as opposed to being dead appears to be true if Disney is planning on taking some points from his script for this reboot.

Kosinski described his third film as one that would take place in the real world and the TRON world at different points in the movie, but there was no word on how Leto's Ares character was going to factor in. He could be a program of the game itself or be a fellow human that gets entrapped within the game as the Flynn family has experienced. How much of Kosinski's script Disney is still planning to use should be interesting to see as that could decide whether Hedlund and Wilde return once more, or if he gets the chance to return as a director after all.

Leto's involvement meanwhile is quite interesting. There is no doubting his talents as an actor, but his approach to certain roles has seen him come at odds with co-stars before. He was one of the most polarizing aspects of Suicide Squad, so much so that some wondered what his future would be within the DCEU. Since then however, he has also boarded a fellow sci-fi franchise in Blade Runner 2049. That all said, the project is still in the earliest stages of development at this point, so nothing is final.

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Source: THR

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