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Tron Legacy has recently jumped on the viral marketing bandwagon and the end result is some new info that appeared recently over at a website called,which gives us the chance to take part in an event happening all around the world. On top of that, the website also reveals a brand new image from the movie. Read on for all the important details.

First up, Disney is holding an exclusive Tron Legacy event in five cities around the world this weekend: New York, Los Angeles, London, Toronto and Sydney. The thing is, the tickets go on sale TODAY (tomorrow for those in Sydney) so if you want to be one of the lucky few who get to take part in the event you better make a note of what you have to do (which is listed below) and set your alarm.

You need to be a registered member of in order to sign up for tickets. To expedite this process, we suggest registering now - once the tickets become available, they will go fast. However, please note that pre-registering does not guarantee getting a ticket. You still have to check back on this page at the allotted time to sign up for tickets.

Here are the specific local times the tickets become available on the website:

  • New York - 4PM EST
  • Los Angeles - 1PM PST
  • London - 9PM GMT
  • Toronto - 4PM EST
  • Sydney - 8AM EDT (*2/26)

Here's the all important info on where and when you have to go to for the event:

  • New York - AMC Loews Lincoln Square IMAX - Sat., Feb. 27, 10:00AM EST
  • Los Angeles - IMAX Theatre at The Bridge - Sat., Feb. 27, 2:30PM PST
  • London - bfi London IMAX Cinema - Sat., Feb. 27, 1:30PM GMT
  • Toronto - Scotiabank IMAX Theater - Sat., Feb. 27, 11:00AM EST
  • Sydney - LG IMAX Theatre - Sun., Feb. 28, 10:00AM EDT

You might be wondering right about now just what this worldwide event is. Well, unfortunately we're not quite sure but others are guessing at either an advanced showing of the new trailer (which is set to premiere before next week's Alice in Wonderland), or perhaps a full sequence from the movie. Evidence to support the latter comes from the fact that 42 Entertainment (the company running the viral campaign) did something similar when they showed the opening bank robbery sequence from The Dark Knight in IMAX theaters six months before the movie was released. The more I think about it, the more a full sequence seems more likely than  just a new trailer, don't you agree?

Moving on from the viral campaign event, here's the aforementioned new image from Tron Legacy. Like the other images we've seen over these last few months it doesn't give any spoilers away but teases us enough to get us excited. Here's the image below (click for much larger version):

Thoughts on the viral marketing campaign worldwide event: Do you think it is a trailer or perhaps more than that (a full sequence from the movie)? What do you make of the latest image?

Remember, tickets for the Tron Legacy event become available TODAY (4pm EST, 1pm PST, 9pm GMT and 8am (tomorrow) EDT) so if you're interested in attending then make sure you've registered on and that you check back at on time.

Tron Legacy hits theaters on December 17th, 2010.

Source: (hat tip to /Film)

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