Tron Legacy Trailer is Finally Here! (Plus 20 New Images)

The first official trailer for Tron Legacy has finally been released online courtesy of, a part of the online marketing alternate reality game (ARG) that loyal Tron fans have been participating in for some time.

This same ARG is what led to the premiere of this trailer in five cities around the world last Saturday where each of those five cities had one location hosting an "event" which we found out upon screening, was the premiere of this trailer. While many who attended came out incredibly disappointed that the event and their travels were for a single viewing of a 2-minute trailer soon to be released a week later, no one could deny that the trailer itself was all kinds of awesome.

The teaser trailer runs a length of 2:20 and the first 1:20 exactly are in the "real world" before Sam Flynn, the sequel's protagonist, makes his way to the infamous arcade which will lead him into the Tron universe. Take note of his biking abilities as they no doubt will come in handy when he gets to ride some lightcycles.

Check it out and see what Disney and director Joseph Kosinski have been working on for quite some time:

[media id=198 width=570 height=340]

While visuals are the selling point of Tron Legacy as you can tell from the trailer, I can confirm myself that it does truely look cool in 3D as well. This is one of the few upcoming 3D releases that I find worthy of the technology and glasses. Actually, I'll go as far as saying it looks ridiculously phenomenal in 3D in IMAX and that's how I saw this trailer the first time. If you think this is awesome looking, you will be blown away when you see it on the big screen.

On top of it looking totally awesome, the sound and music of Tron Legacy are big selling points too as you can tell by the Daft Punk work in the background of this trailer. Much like Avatar being the 3D visual-effects-heavy epic of the last holiday season, debuting on December 18th, Tron Legacy is following suit in the same fashion, releasing this December 17th, 2010 - the exact same weekend opening date for this year's holiday season

If you saw Alice in Wonderland over the weekend, you my have been fortunate enough to see this teaser (remember, it's just a teaser). It did not however, debut online over the weekend as moviegoers were instead treated to the release of the brand new Iron Man 2 trailer last night. However, after Jeff Bridges took home his well-deserved and long-awaited Oscar win last night as well, it's a good time to show off this upcoming project of his.

Here's a bonus for our readers: 20 images from the trailer:

I now can't wait until we get to see the next trailer which will no doubt be loaded with action shots and more of the Tron universe and the new characters the movie introduces. The Dude abides.

What do you think of the trailer?

Tron Legacy stars Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Michael Sheen, Olivia wilde, Serinda Sawn, Bruce Boxleitner and John Hurt. It opens in theaters on December 17th, 2010 and we'll be there.

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