'TRON: Legacy' International Posters and Clip

Tron Legacy movie clip

It's not even Tron Tuesday and Walt Disney Pictures has already released new material in promotion of their upcoming 3D tentpole pic, TRON: Legacy - though we suspect that even those that live under rocks are aware of the movie at this point.

There are five new TRON: Legacy international posters to take a look at, along with a movie clip that features Quorra (Olivia Wilde) and Sam Flynn (Garret Hedlund) on a joyride around Tron's rockier terrain (a.k.a. off the grid).

Disney showed off 20 minutes of footage from the film in select theaters around the world last Thursday (check out our Tron Night recap) and recently collaborated with Marvel to give the studio's superheroes a Tron-inspired makeover to help get fans even more excited for the film. The Joseph Kosinski-directed movie is at risk of being overexposed by the time its December 17th release date actually rolls around, but the Mouse House seems confident that its TRON: Legacy promotional scheme will pay off big at the box office - enough so that Tron 3 talk is becoming even more serious now.

The latest TRON: Legacy international one-sheets feature Wilde and Hedlund in their shiny black cybersuits, while Jeff Bridges (who plays the elder Kevin Flynn) gets to don a dark cloak. There are also posters featuring a figure in full lightcycle gear and Beau Garrett as Siren Jam, the shimmering gal in white who showed off her laser-tipped finger powers in the TRON: Legacy "Derezzed" music video.

Check out the latest TRON: LEGACY posters in the gallery below:

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We've also got a short clip from TRON: Legacy for you to watch below. The dialogue and quality of acting for the film still seems a bit iffy, but the visual FX and design of the digital Tron world look to be quite impressive and should be worth checking out on the big screen.

Have a look at the scene below:


TRON: Legacy hits theaters in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D on December 17th, 2010. Check in every Tuesday until then to see the latest promotional material for the film.

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