LEGO Making TRON: Legacy Light Cycle

A fan-inspired idea to make a LEGO light cycle and minifigure of Sam Flynn from TRON: Legacy is becoming more than a virtual reality. Movie licenses are nothing new to legendary brick toymaker LEGO, which over the years has made playsets and minifigures based on such films as Star Wars, Harry Potter, several releases from both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Extended Universe, as well as its own LEGO Movies.

One fan favorite, however, has escaped LEGO until now and it's about to become an upcoming release based on a famous vehicle from TRON: Legacy. Released in 2010, the long-awaited sequel to the cult classic TRON found Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) accessing the virtual world that his father, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) created in the groundbreaking 1982 original movie.

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According to LEGO, the company's review board has carefully examined 11 projects submitted for consideration in the 2017 LEGO Ideas Review. The program, which encourages ideas from fans, asks people with ideas to submit their ideas for new LEGO sets. After that, if the idea gathers support from 10,000 people, LEGO will review the project for potential production. If the project is selected, LEGO's designers will take the project from there to make the fan's concept a reality.

Created by BrickBros UK, the Tron: Light Cycle project was selected from 11 ideas that reached 10,000 supporters between January and May 2017. Here's the official description of the upcoming TRON: Legacy brick set from LEGO:

Tron: Legacy LEGO set (photo: LEGO)

The TRON light cycle is based on the Disney: TRON Legacy film and consists of a tron light cycle with a user minifigure Sam Flynn. It also comes with a Grid base to mount the light cycle on for display.

The light cycle allows a minifigure to easily fit into and clip onto the handles. The light cycle itself has a console in front of the user, two handle bars and detailing down the sides. There is also a power stream behind connected to the light cycle. The Sam Flynn minifigure comes in a TRON suit with helmet and disc connected on the back of the minifigure for added detail. The light cycle can easily be mounted on to the Grid base with two connection points and the base has the Grid effect with black and trans-blue tiles, creating a TRON feel and has a medium azure trim for finish.

TRON fans will naturally be thrilled with the announcement, given the fact that very few TRON products has been produced since 2010, when Spin Master created figures and vehicles based on the film, and Hot Toys hit the high-end market with a 1:6 scale Sam Flynn and Light Cycle set, as well as a 1:6 Kevin Flynn figure. Thankfully, Funko regenerated interest in the movie franchise this fall when it announced it was releasing a set of glow-in-the-dark TRON figures based on the original movie.

LEGO says that the company is currently working on the final product design, as well as pricing and availability for the TRON: Legacy Light Cycle set. More details will be available in 2018, the company says. Also, in early 2018, LEGO says it will be releasing the results for the projects that reached 10,000 supporters between May and September 2017.

The company should be commended for literally putting the power of creating new LEGO product in the fans' hands. Given the countless number of creations kids of all ages have created since the first LEGO set was released by the Danish toymakers nearly 70 years ago, it's heartening to know that a company the stature of LEGO is taking the imagination of its fans very seriously.

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Source: LEGO

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