Bridges, Kosinski & Lisberger Talk 'TRON: Legacy'; New International Trailer

Tron Legacy Jeff Bridges Interview

Disney has released an international trailer for TRON: Legacy as part of their ongoing marketing campaign for the film. The trailer is essentially a re-cut of the trailer/s that we have already seen. The only change it is that it feels a little more explanatory in nature.

The assumption is likely that many in the international audience have not been as quite exposed to the Tron phenomena as we have been in the states, and are in need of a bit more background information and story. In fact, the story of how Tron became such a relevant part of our zeitgeist here in the U.S. is a fascinating tale of its own.

In a recent interview with the creators of TRON: Legacy weighed in on what it took, on their part, to bring Tron into the 21st century and why they feel that it is speaking to so many people.

Director Joseph Kosinski said his “approach was, you know, let’s embrace what’s great about Tron — the look, the feel, the vibe. And it’s evolved like the Galapagos Islands, you know, for 20 years, so we’ve taken all those great designs and everything and just let it evolve on its own so it’s become more realistic.”

The director and creator of 1982 original Tron, Steven Lisberger, feels that the sequel remains, “true to the spirit of the original film, which is putting the best artists, the best creative people together with the technology, letting them tell the story in a human, dramatic way that is relevant for our time.”

You can read our full interview with Lisberger HERE.

Actor Jeff Bridges feels that a deep-seeded psychological reliance on myths and mythology to help us understand the world we live in is responsible for our visceral connection with, and response to Tron and TRON: Legacy. According to Bridges,“Myths help us kind of navigate difficult spots in our lives and we need modern-day myths to help us with things like technology, and how to deal with the darker side.”

Check out the TRON: Legacy international trailer below:

Tron: Legacy hits theaters on December 17th.


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