'TRON: Legacy' Epilogue Teases 'TRON 3'

Tron The Next Day Tron Legacy epilogue

Details about a series of scenes on the upcoming TRON: Legacy Blu-ray that hint at the possibility of yet another entry in the computer-program franchise were leaked just a while ago. The most significant (or, if you will, longest) of those TRON 3 teasers, titled "TRON: The Next Day", is now online for viewing.

The majority of this ten-minute clip focuses on the "Flynn Lives" movement that took place during the years between the original TRON and Legacy. It eventually touches on the status of ENCOM Corporation following the events of the second film - so consider that your SPOILER ALERT, those who've not yet seen Legacy.

As was revealed in our previous discussion about the TRON 3 "teasers", one of the returning players is that of original TRON character Roy "Ram" Kleinberg (Dan Shor). The actuarial program Ram was killed (or "derezzed") during the first film, but of course his human counterpart lives on.

Back in action from Legacy for "TRON: The Next Day" are the likes of Alan "Tron" Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner), and the franchise's new leading man, Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) - who was prepped to continue on his father's (Jeff Bridges) work following the events of last year's TRON sequel.

"The Next Day" also briefly mentions the character Edward Dillinger Jr. (an uncredited Cillian Murphy), who you may recall made a brief cameo in Legacy - and was setup to become a potential villain in future TRON films. Needless to say, this new clip only lends further credence to that idea.

Watch "TRON: The Next Day"  below:

While "The Next Day" may not boast any hyper-stylized action in The Grid or shed that much additional light on the events that transpired between the first two TRON flicks (or after Legacy), it is kind of a fun, low-budget mockumentary that assists in fleshing out the TRON universe a bit more. The Banksy-inspired "Zac Attack" figure probably won't figure in the events of a third film much (if at all), but the idea behind him and the "Flynn Lives" movement in general sets the stage for an interesting conflict in TRON 3.

TRON: Legacy didn't deliver the kind of stellar box office returns that would've automatically greenlit a sequel, but a third TRON film has been in the works since last year. Between its $396 million worldwide gross, Daft Punk's original soundtrack sales, marketing tie-ins, and the profit that'll be reaped from DVD/Blu-ray sales, Legacy has (and will have) proven there's demand enough for TRON 3 at the end of the day - and Disney knows it.

TRON: Legacy Tron 3 details

The Grid will live on in animated form next year with Disney XD's TRON: Uprising, and a threequel in the feature-length franchise seems inevitable at this point as well. Most moviegoers seem to agree that Legacy was fun, but amounted to 3D eye candy with little story - so there's definitely room for improvement this next time around.

TRON: Legacy will finally hit DVD, Blu-ray, and the 3D Blu-ray format next month on April 5th. Are you more excited now by the possibility of TRON 3?

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