Tron: Legacy Director Kosinski Is Headed For 'Oblivion'

Joseph Kosinski Oblivion release date

Director Joseph Kosinski’s Tron: Legacy panel at Comic-Con a few days ago caused a storm of excitement amongst fans and industry insiders. That puts him in an enviable position to pitch his next project to studios – a science fiction love story called Oblivion. The story is based on a graphic novel that Kosinski created with Arvid Nelson for Radical Publishing.

The first stop for Kosinski and Oblivion will be Disney, the studio where he’s spent the best part of the last half decade working on Tron.

According Deadline:

"The comic takes place in an apocalyptic future where most people live above the clouds because the surface of the Earth is uninhabitable. A soldier is stuck on the desolate Earth repairing drones that patrol and destroy a savage alien race called The Scavengers. He comes across a beautiful woman who has crashed in a craft. Together they take an epic adventure that changes his world view.”

the cover for Oblivion

If Disney passes on the project then the director will start shopping Oblivion around to other studios. At this point however, it seems unlikely that the Mickey Mouse studio would pass on it as they appear to be very happy with Kosinski’s work on Tron Legacy, even going so far as to start planning two sequels before it releases.

If Oblivion gets picked up, the main issue would be scheduling a time for Kosinski to direct the feature? If Tron hits big in December, a strong possibility at this point, then sequels could lock Kosinski in for several years.

Tron Legacy light-disc battle

Like Tron Legacy, Oblivion is something of a passion project for the director. He came up with the idea three years ago while working on the Jeff Bridges sequel however, due to his schedule on the computer-based film, he had to turn it into a 156-page graphic novel instead of a movie.

The graphic novel approach should help with his pitch alongside Radical chief Barry Levine as he’s presenting a visual representation of the film to the studio – think of it as a treatment and storyboards already completed. That’s the kind of thing that studio chiefs love to see. Kosinski’s sci-fi tale would also need a few years preparation time – so it might be that Kosinski would have to step back and let someone else helm the Tron sequels.

We can assume that we’ll find out what happens with Oblivion in the next few weeks, and then the future of Tron will be more certain when Tron: Legacy opens on December 17.

Source: Deadline

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