Tron Legacy Director To Helm Sci-Fi Film 'Archangels'

Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski to direct Archangels

Joseph Kosinski's directorial debut Tron Legacy is still five months away from being released in theaters and yet from what people have seen of it he's now very much in-demand. On top of a Black Hole remake and an adaptation of a graphic novel he wrote called Oblivion, Kosinski now has a new sci-fi/action film on his slate entitled Archangels.

Heat Vision reports that Archangels is being developed by New Regency for Kosinski to direct and produce from a spec by newcomer Andrew Will. A bonus is the fact that brothers Ridley and Tony Scott are producing Archangels through their Scott Free production company. With the those two involved, I'm even more interested in the project.

It's refreshing to see an original sci-fi project pop up again in the midst of remakes and reboots. Here's the interesting early plot description of Archangels as Heat Vision reports it:

[Archangels is] set in the near future and is described as a “Bourne"-style thriller crossed with alien elements. The protagonist is part of an elite force that is tasked with tracking aliens who get past Earth’s defense system.

I immediately thought of a kind of cross between Aliens and District 9, with a bit of Predator thrown in there. I'm very curious to see how the film is shot in the style of Bourne. Bourne meets sci-fi? I like it!

I'm certainly interested in the project not just because I dig this sort of sci-fi film but also because I've been very impressed with what I've seen from Tron Legacy so far. And if that's down to Kosinski - and not just the special effects and clever marketing - then the director has a great future ahead of him.

We'll keep you updated on Archangels as more news comes out.

While we wait, Tron Legacy hits theaters on December 17th, 2010.

Source: Heat Vision

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