Bridges, Hedlund And Lisberger Talk Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy is 2010's best bet for technical awe and on our 2010 Most Anticipated Movies list, but with nine months away there's plenty of time for news to unfold and details to emerge. Collider spent some quality time with Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, and original Tron director Steven Lisberger.

If you want to read and hear full transcripts and audio click the link above to go to I've highlighted the most relevant parts for you below.

Jeff Bridges:

"Well I got a pitch from Joe [Kosinski] who by the way this is his first film. Can you imagine? I don't know if it's the most expensive ever made but it's right up there. To have a first time guy."

"Well this is shot in 3D. The first movie I've done in 3D. Kind of interesting and the video playback is in 3D so you can see what that's like but all of the effects they're not. They have a thing called "previz" which is a preview but in very low res."

It's not the most expensive movie ever made, but it really is pretty astounding to give a brand new director such freedom and access. It seems Disney is banking on a franchise, not a director. Throughout the interview, Bridges expressed his adoration for director Joseph Kosinski, and it speaks volumes.

As for the 3D, well, that's a two-letter term I'm sick of hearing. But when "shot in" sits in front of "3D" it's a different story entirely. They seem to be doing everything right with this production. Not only did they create a trailer prior to production to prove to Disney it can be done well, but shooting in 3D, and partially in IMAX makes Tron Legacy even more legitimate.

Garrett Hedlund:

"[Sam Flynn] is the biggest shareholder in the company, you know, really at this point. And he grew up without his father...he's very interested in base jumping and motorcycles and the container home by the water with the wonderful view."

"I've had a lot of chiropractic readjustments. But to the point where I had, you know, both shoulders out and three ribs out, like both hips."

Once you get through all the "you knows" in Hedlund's interview, he has some interesting things to say about Tron Legacy. It's funny how similar his character sounds to Bruce Wayne in Batman Begins. Really, they are almost identical when you pick apart those descriptions. Not important, but ironic. The chiropractic report was interesting, and proves this will be an action packed film. Hedlund referred to real motorcycle chases as the basis of the action, so no corny prop sets here.

Original Tron Director Steven Lisberger:

"Now it's going to be like a modern day, like contemporary plus, in terms of how much resolution, the texturing, the feel, the style. It's very contemporary."

Unfortunately, Lisberger didn't say much other than technical jargon about how the original film represented the way the digital world was progressing. It seems to him that this film exhibits the capabilities of technology today. He did mention it will be an amped up version of the original, and the trailers prove it.

Olivia Wilde Talks Tron Legacy

And now... Olivia Wilde. Just because.

So, nothing mind-blowing, but interesting words from those directly involved. The film continues to intrigue moviegoers and the trailers just bleed cool. From the visuals to the Daft Punk music, it will be a sight to behold, but will the story hold up?

Tron Legacy zooms into theaters December 17, 2010.

Source: Collider

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