New 'TRON 3' Viral Teaser; When Will The Movie Be Made?

Tron Legacy movie sequel

The second in a trio of TRON 3 teasers that will be included on next month's Blu-ray release of TRON: Legacy has emerged online, offering fans another tantalizing but simple hint about the potential sequel. It's a similar idea as that teased in the Legacy epilogue clip "The Next Day", which will also be included on the upcoming Blu-ray (but is sadly not currently online for viewing).

Don't get too excited for another round of disc duels and lightcycle races just yet, though - a source close to Disney says that while the threequel could be made in the future, it's not being actively developed right now.

Rumors about TRON 3 started popping up close to a year ago, when word leaked out that Legacy writers and executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis had reportedly been hired to pen a third TRON movie. Just this past January there was also insider talk that Disney was close to greenlighting TRON 3, based off both the theatrical returns of Legacy and profits from marketing tie-ins.

"Caffeinated" Clint over at Moviehole says that he has it on the authority of "a very reliable source" that another TRON flick could happen "one day," but that Legacy wasn't enough of a hit ($397 million worldwide gross on a $170 million production budget) for Disney to justify making a followup just yet.

That's less than encouraging news for TRON lovers, but at least we'll have a few teasers to dwell on in the meantime - including the clip below:

It's a very simple teaser, no doubt, but one that once again sets up Edward Dillinger Jr. (Cillian Murphy) and his father as the antagonists for TRON 3. The clip also features that same shot of Sam (Garrett Hedlund) flashing his "Flynn Lives" shirt from "The Next Day",  just after his return to reality at the conclusion of Legacy. There doesn't seem much to read into beyond what's on the surface, but feel free to speculate further as you will. ;-)

"The Next Day" also featured the return of original TRON star Dan Shor as Roy "Ram" Kleinberg, who is presumably also poised to (theoretically) have a role in TRON 3, along with Hedlund, Murphy, Bruce Boxleitner as Alan "Tron" Bradley, and Olivia Wilde as the now flesh-and-blood Quorra. The casting of Murphy as an intellectual villain certainly seems like a good idea for the threequel - should it actually happen.

Tron Legacy Cillian Murphy

With 3D filmmaking and motion-capture technology becoming all the more sophisticated, there's no reason TRON 3 wouldn't be able to match and surpass the technical prowess of Legacy. There's plenty of room for improvement in the areas of story and character development as well - which means that a TRON threequel could be the rare third film that's actually better than both its predecessors. If it ever happens, that is.

We'll keep you posted on the status of TRON 3 as more information is released.

Source: Moviehole

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