TRON 3 Teaser Trailer Details [Updated]

Details on the 'TRON 3' teaser trailer attached to the 'TRON: Legacy' home video release reveals the return of key franchise characters and hints at a larger conspiracy at work.

After 28 years, Walt Disney was finally able to take us users back to the Grid in TRON: Legacy thanks to the ideas and direction of Joe Kosinski. Legacy wasn't just a sequel to the 1982 Jeff Bridges cult classic, but a relaunch of Tron as a key Disney franchise. From merchandising to a new cartoon show, Tron is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

From the outset of the lengthy and expensive marketing campaign for TRON: Legacy, there has always been talk of another Tron film being in the works, from ideas to early script treatments and more recently, a reported near greenlight for the project. Over the last week, rumors have been running wild that the home video releases of TRON: Legacy and the Blu-ray release of the original Tron would include a special teaser trailer for TRON 3 and now comes confirmation that it's definitely happening.

Harry at Ain't It Cool News was contacted by someone involved with the filming of the special bonus scenes and was able to confirm key details about the TRON 3 teaser footage in addition to two photos from the shoot. The source explains that the TRON 3 trailer would include at least three separate scenes [Trailer Spoilers Ahead].

Scene 1 - The Return of Ram

Ram returns in Tron 3

If you saw the original Tron, you will definitely remember Kevin Flynn's in-game friend named Ram, an actuarial program who joined Flynn and Tron on their escape during the lightcycle races but later derezzed (died) in a confrontation with a light tank. This scene sees the return of actor Dan Shor returning as Ram as he's confronted by Bruce Boxleitner's character, Alan Bradley. Ram is revealed to be the one responsible for running the "Flynn Lives" campaign and his real life incarnation must have met Kevin after the events of the original film.

Scene 2 - Quorra in the Real World

The second scene described follows Quorra (Olivia Wilde) in the real world as she arrives at ENCOM, driving Sam's bike. The press catches on to her ride and attack her with questions - she reveals that she just saw Kevin Flynn the day prior.

Scene 3 - Like Father, Like Son

Will David Warner return as Ed Dillinger in Tron 3?

The third scene brings back the villainous Ed Dillinger (David Warner) from the original Tron (sort of) through a text screen showing a chat between he and his son Edward Dillinger, Jr, played by Cillian Murphy in a memorable cameo appearance in TRON: Legacy. The text basically has them saying that "everything is going according to plan," hinting at a large behind-the-scenes conspiracy.

Harry explains that he's obtained "call sheets and location maps" for the production of the TRON 3 footage as well as these two photos:

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If you remember, TRON: Legacy got its start as an early concept video which lucky fans were first witness to at San Diego Comic-Con three whole years ago. That kick-started the events that led us to where we are today and while this teaser footage goes to show some cool and exciting ideas for how to continue the franchise and tie it together with the original movie, it's not official confirmation that the third film is a go (although we fully expect it to be given the official greenlight soon).

TRON: Legacy didn't meet everyone's expectations so now that the "wow" factor of the visuals, score, action sequences and new style of the Grid are familiar with moviegoers, TRON 3 needs to come with a damn good story to win people over.

What journey will Sam and Quorra go on in their next adventure in the Grid and how will Tron, Clu and Kevin Flynn play into it? Jeff Bridges has to be back in some form, right?

[Update 1: TRON: Legacy epilogue teases TRON 3]

[Update 2: TRON 3 viral teaser]

I'm looking forward to walking through the doors of Flynn's arcade once again.

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Source: AICN

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