Olivia Wilde Talks About Returning for 'TRON 3'

Olivia Wilde Talks Tron 3

Work on TRON 3 has been progressing steadily since the project was first announced, shortly after the release of TRON: Legacy. Though the first sequel received generally mixed reviews, it made just north of $400 million worldwide and Disney has been teasing us with minor threequel details ever since - including confirmation of director Joseph Kosinski and star Garrett Hedlund returning.

Until now, however, we haven't heard much from Olivia Wilde, who played Kevin Flynn's apprentice in TRON: Legacy. Her character, Quorra, was an ISO (Isomorphic Algorithm - part of a race of computer programs that evolved naturally rather than through human design) living off the Grid due to her outlaw status. Without spoiling the end of TRON: Legacy, let's just say that something very interesting happens to Quorra that would definitely require some elaboration in TRON 3.

In an interview with Hit Fix, Wilde was asked about the implications of Quorra's existing story arc for the continuation of the character, and how she feels about returning for another sequel. According to Wilde:

"Yeah, I mean ... They have to deal with Quorra. I loved the collaborative effort that was 'TRON,' and I think that now with the time to really focus on character development, after we've established so much exposition, we could really have some fun. I think everyone's game for it - there's so many directions we could go."

Wilde is under contract to appear in TRON 3, so her return was never really in doubt. As to what will happen to Quorra - well, that's anyone's guess. The last viral teaser we saw appeared to be setting up Cillian Murphy's character Edward Dillinger Jr. - who played only a tangential role in TRON: Legacy - as the main antagonist for the next film, and Joseph Kosinski has said that the story will pick up again in real time four or five years after the events of Legacy.

In the same interview, Kosinski also hinted at plans to "reinvent" and make a fresh start for the story, which might well mean a change of protagonist. The original TRON told the story of Kevin Flynn and TRON: Legacy was all about Sam Flynn's journey, so it could be interesting to see the focus shift for TRON 3 to put Quorra in the spotlight. The nature of her origins could obviously open the way for a fascinating - and topical  - exploration of the evolving technology of artificial intelligence. Also, I'm fairly certain that I wasn't alone in asking "But ... how?" at the end of TRON: Legacy.

Would you be interested in a Quorra-centric TRON sequel? Or do you have any guesses as to what other directions the franchise might go in? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


TRON 3 is scheduled to start filming in 2014. No release date has been set.


Source: Hit Fix

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