Tron 2 To Give Jeff Bridges Digital Plastic Surgery

Ever since I saw the preview of Tron 2.0 at last year's San Diego Comic-Con I've been wondering exactly what Disney planned to do about the fact that Jeff Bridges no longer fits the bill for Flynn.  Aging will do that to you, ya know?

In order to deal with the fact that a considerable amount of time has passed since the filming of Tron, the wizards over at Disney have come up with a virtual fountain of youth to micromanage Jeff Bridges' little problem:  Bridges is getting digitized.

This should help to bring together the two characters over an age-generated timeline so the entire film does not seem like a concept Tim Burton came up with in junior high.

Recently, Bridges spent time in Canada where a plaster cast was made of his body in order to start the digitization process. io9's exclusive source reveals the details:

"They will then take that 3D model and make him younger and then slap it on a body double in post.  As this is only one cog in the machine, I can't give a whole lot of detail. Canada scans actors and props to be used for various projects. These are very high resolution scans that pick up every wrinkle, face lift and scar on the actors body."

Basically that takes care of how older Jeff and younger Jeff can coexist on screen together without destroying the space-time continuum.  Which leads me to my actual concern about the story line:  Who does Flynn turn into as he matures?  I mean, this could do a lot for story development, but also break my tiny geek heart if they make menacing, bearded old Flynn Tron 2's nemesis.  Le sigh.

And if you haven't seen it, here's a little teaser for you:

Tron 2 is set to be released some time in 2011.

Source: io9

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