Tron 2 Trailer, Name Change, Concept Art At Comic-Con

In addition to the concept images, we got to see a little video of a stunt actor in slow motion doing some crazy flips with a disc in hand. They used the Phantom camera which Kosinski says can do over 1000 frames per second and this is the first time it's been used for 3-D purposes.

After this, Disney's MC, Patton Oswalt, asked Kosinski if that was it, if he hadn't brought anything else to show.

And in response, of course he did! We got to see a teaser trailer for the movie which featured Sean Flynn on his motorcycle in the real world heading to the classic arcade that fans love from the first. He enters the dusty old building, flips on the power which adds the classic Tron theme music to the back ground and he walks up to the Tron arcade machine.

Young Flynn, son of Jeff Bridges' character, puts in a quarter to play but the machine shoots it back out. As Flynn bends down to pick it up, he notices strange markings in the floor which leads him to trying to move the arcade. The machine opens to a doorway behind to which Flynn enters and the arcade closes behind him and that's how the teaser ends.

For a teaser that didn't involve the actual Tron world, I thought it looked very cool.

They followed this up by mentioning the footage we saw last year and playing it again for those of us who were there today. The difference is that this time, they added 3-D. This footage didn't blow me away and I expect different from the actual film when it comes time.

In the Q&A, there were several questions about Daft Punk working the score for the film and the style of music we can expect but the most interesting question came from a fan who asked about how they will attempt to be ground-breaking with this movie compared to how the first one was for its time.

In response, the the director said that they were doing,

"3-4 things that have never been done before and (they) were doing them all at the same time."

I enjoyed the teaser trailer and thought the concept art was cool. As for the clip from last year in 3-D, I was a little unimpressed by that and hope the film will be much better since that was just test footage from before they really started production on the film.

The first people in line (likely all Twilighters) were apparently given an arcade token which would act as a pass to some Tron Legacy event. I didn't get one myself so I can't tell you much about it.

[Update: Here is the brand new Tron Legacy Trailer that was presented as test footage at last year's Con and re-done in 3D for this year's Disney presentation]

[media id=181 width=570 height=340]

(HD versions at

Are you a Tron fan and are you excited for the sequel?

Tron Legacy is planned to open in 2011.

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