Tron 2 Trailer, Name Change, Concept Art At Comic-Con

We've got some very cool stuff for you on the upcoming Tron sequel - check it!

[Update: An HD version of the new Tron Legacy VFX test has been made available - Check it out Here!]

The third and final segment of Disney's opening presentation, which also happened to Comic-Con's first ever 3-D panel, involved the sequel to the cult classic, Tron.

Tron made a big surprise splash at last year's Con by showing an exclusive test clip of Tron 2 which featured Jeff Bridges returning to his role of Kevin Flynn from the first film. Having that under their belt, we in the crowd expected a big show from them this year.

On the panel for this part of the Disney presentation, introduced again by Patton Oswalt - the MC for Disney's 3-D presentation, were director Joe Kosinski along with Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde and Steven Lisberger.

Lisberger, writer and director of the first Tron, is an important piece of the puzzle according to Kosinski, it was absolutely "critical" to have him aboard for the sequel.

Jeff Bridges received a strong welcoming applause when he came on stage and right off the bat, he was asked about Disney's new official title for the film which was showing up on all the screens as Tron Legacy. Bridges explained that it has to do with the story about a son in search for his father, and that the sequel would be "superized," a new term he coined on the spot which resulted in Oswalt teasing Bridges.

The film has been through so many name changes, I really don't think another name change matters at this point.

Moving on, director Joe Kosinski explained that they didn't have too much to show as they just finished principal photography last week but he did have some concept art to show.

The images featured some of the vehicles we'll be seeing in the sequel, the city of Try and the cool looking arena where the 16-player disc tournament takes place. In the Disc game, each game takes place simultaneously and as each player gets eliminated, the board shifts to place the remaining players together and this continues till the final two have one large board to themselves.

I took some photos myself but Peter and his crew over at /Film did a fantastic job of nabbing better-angled shots so here a few thanks to them (continue through the pages for more! [Update: Trailer on Page 4]):

The modular Disc Wars Arena

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