After the news of Olivia Wilde and Beau Garrett being cast in Tron 2, we get the exciting news that the film will be shot entirely in 3D! AICN reports:

…a previously tested source had to say:

I think the masses would love this tidbit of info. Tron 2.0 is going to be shot ENTIRELY in 3-D. They are really excited about what they are going to be doing with the Tron world in 3-D.

With new technology, they can actually wear the glasses at the monitors as they shoot & it will show them exactly how the 3-D will look so that they can get exactly what they are looking for.

If there has ever been a world that 3-D would totally embrace, I think it would be the world of Tron. Specifically, we are going to get a first person view from inside of a light cycle in the film. That should be a lot of fun.

I think this is fantastic news, I can’t think of a movie on the horizon that would benefit more from the 3D technology available. Just imagine one of those Light Cycle battles coming out at you from the big screen; the mind boggles at what they could potentially do with this thing. As I have said before I think this is a film that lends itself extremely well to a sequel but this news of the 3D factor has really piqued my interest.

What do you make of this news? Is 3D a good or bad idea for Tron 2, Tr2n, TRZ or whatever they’re calling it this week?

Source: AintItCoolNews

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