Animated 'Trolls' Movie On The Way

Troll dolls movie

The eyes of cinemagoers may currently be on Pixar's latest work of wonder, Toy Story 3, but that doesn't stop other studios from looking to other toys for inspiration (perhaps the opening weekend success of the Pixar sequel encouraged this forward-thinking).

It's being reported by The Hollywood Reporter that Dreamworks is in the process of developing an animated movie based on The Good Luck Trolls, those fugly little kids dolls first created in 1959.

Before you suggest this is some sort of strange summer April Fool's joke, think again. Plans are further along than just "Hey, let's make a movie out of this!" as a couple of screenwriters have already been found in the form of brother-sister duo Adam Wilson and Melanie Wilson LaBracio (Evergone, The Impossible Adventures of Phineas Roone). Dannie Festa, through her company Festa Entertainment, will produce the adaptation after bringing the whole thing to Dreamworks.

Dreamworks has made a deal with the Danish company Dam Things, which controls the Trolls toy line. The Trolls were created in 1959 by a fisherman and woodcutter called Thomas Dam when he carved some dolls for his daughter based on Scandinavian trolls.

Trolls dolls animated movie

The dolls became a success in the early '60s (especially in Europe and the U.S.) but because of the company not complying with certain U.S. laws, it lost control of the toy line. Subsequently a spate of imitators appeared throughout the '70s and '80s. But in 1994, a Copyright law brought the rights back to the original Dam family owners.

There was an animated series made in 2005 called Trollz along with a new line of the toys, but they were nowhere near as successful as the original versions. There's no plot details for this new movie as of yet but Variety reports that, "it will expand on the troll dolls mythology, while giving Dam a chance to relaunch the toy line for another set of young collectors."

Trollz 2005 versions

I feel about a Trolls movie as I do about the upcoming Smurfs flick: perplexed. The Smurfs were very popular when they first were around but do kids these days even know what they are, much less care about seeing a movie about them?

The same thing goes for Trolls. Now I'm passed the age of playing with toys (honest!) so I'm not privy to what sort the kids are into these days. But I, for one, haven't heard much fuss kicked up about the Trolls dolls as of late.

However, I'm sure if anyone could make a success out of Trolls it would be Dreamworks, the studio behind the mega-successful Shrek franchise. Strangely, the Trolls made an appearance in the fourth film, Shrek Forever After, as well as in Pixar's Toy Story 3 - signs of things to come, perhaps?.

What are your thoughts on a Trolls animated movie? Does it make sense or have you lost the will to live? :-P

More on the Trolls movie as news comes out.

Source: THR and Variety

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