Evil is Unleashed in First Trollhunters Part 2 Trailer

The first trailer for DreamWorks' Trollhunters Part 2 has finally arrived, giving audiences a glimpse of what's next for the critically acclaimed, Guillermo del Toro-created, animated series.

Following its debut on Netflix, Trollhunters has quickly garnered a following of its own - one that has been waiting for the next installment in the series for awhile now. Produced by DreamWorks Animation and Double Dare You, Trollhunters follows Jim (Anton Yelchin) and his friend Toby as they come across a mystical amulet that gives the former the title of Trollhunter. Despite his initial skepticism, Jim eventually accepts his newfound responsibility, knowing that there is no escaping as the amulet as it is just bound to return if he turns it down. As he embarks on living a double life, he is left with no choice but to tackle his new role head, even as his two separate worlds start to collide.


Trollhunters Part 1 ended on a cliffhanger, with Jim taking it upon himself to travel down to the Darklands on his own to battle the evil trolls and keep the town of Arcadia safe. The first trailer for Trollhunters Part 2, which you can check out above, offers a sneak peek at what Jim and his friends get up to, as they try and get to the bottom of the impending battle between good and evil.

The 2-minute clip highlights the action-adventure aspect of the second part of Trollhunters, with Claire and Toby also getting into the nitty gritty with their own personal missions to fulfill. Of course, the teaser is also peppered with some fun moments such as AAARRRGGHH's fart-joke towards the end of the clip, despite what seems to be an evil army storming its way towards Arcadia. On top of the already-established characters, Trollhunters Part 2 will be introducing some new key players - as voiced by Mark Hamill and Lena Headey, as well as David Bradley.

Amidst the fun spectacle that Trollhunters Part 2 will seemingly offer its fans, the show will expectedly be emotional for some; with the late Yelchin reprising his voice role as Jim one last time.  Guillermo del Toro previously revealed that before his untimely and tragic death last year, the actor was able to finish recording all his parts for the upcoming installment - so that's comforting to know.


Dreamworks' Trollhunters Part 2 becomes available on Netflix starting Friday, December 15.

Source: Netflix

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