Trollhunters Image: First Look At Guillermo del Toro's Netflix Series

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When it comes to fantastical tales of imaginative creatures and secret, distant lands, filmmaker Guillermo del Toro has carved out quite the niche for himself. Though 2006’s Pan’s Labyrinth wasn’t his first film, its critical acclaim and triple Oscar wins played a major role in making him a household name.

Over the years, the filmmaker’s well known penchant for dark fairy tales has expanded and morphed into various genres, shifting beyond cinema with contributions on web series Trailers from Hell and co-authoring a trilogy of vampire novels (the result of which is current FX TV series The Strain), as well as a young adult novel called Trollhunters.

While fans have been patiently awaiting the return of a couple of the director’s popular titles like Hellboy 3 and Pacific Rim 2, the next del Toro project to see the light of day will be based on his aforementioned YA novel. A new press release from Netflix has revealed that del Toro has partnered with the streaming giant as well as DreamWorks Animation to bring Trollhunters to life later this year. In addition to a new image from the series (which you can see below), the press release praises del Toro’s past work and provides insight into the working relationship between Netflix, DreamWorks and the director himself.

Guillermo del Toro’s work as a director, screenwriter, filmmaker, producer and author is incredibly extensive and varied, ranging from novels to comic books and television to imaginative feature films. Throughout his career, he has consistently had a strong connection and lifelong fascination with fantastical creatures and in DreamWorks Trollhunters he has created vast and vibrant worlds with complex human and troll characters that create a cinematic television experience.

Trollhunters - Netflix series image

Trollhunters tells the story of a group of residents in the fictional suburban town of Arcadia who discover that a fantastical world exists beneath their own. Depending on how closely this new series resembles the del Toro and Daniel Kraus novel of the same name, fans can expect to see an ongoing battle between the human residents of Arcadia (in particular the children) and the menacing trolls who live below. Originally marked for production as a feature film with Walt Disney Pictures back in 2010, when that deal fell apart, del Toro eventually found his way to DreamWorks – a company he’s worked with in the past on such hits as Kung Fu Panda 3, Megamind and Puss in Boots.

Fans who are still reeling from recent news that Hellboy 3 likely won’t go ahead, as well as the off again, on again status of Pacific Rim 2 might be wondering why this series has taken such prominence. However, Netflix’s recent moves toward more original animated fare like the upcoming Perfect Bones and Voltron are strong indications that viewer interest in this sort of programming is growing.

Del Toro’s desire to push himself in new directions such as these and not allow himself to become too comfortable with one form of storytelling is admirable, to say the least. Given his highly imaginative style, the DreamWorks Animation mark of quality and the overall accessibility of Netflix, Trollhunters could very well go on to become a series well worth paying attention to.

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