Guillermo del Toro's Trollhunters Voice Cast Includes Ron Perlman

Netflix's Trollhunters voice cast

Similar to the reboot series Voltron: Legendary Defender produced for and distributed by Netflix, DreamWorks Animation is also hard at work crafting the Netflix original animated series Trollhunters from seminal filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. Following the release of an initial teaser image for the new series, those in the know are likely anticipating del Toro's latest creation (adapted from his young adult novel of the same name) being brought to thrilling life on the small screen in the near future.

Centering around the small town of Arcadia, wherein a group of suburban youths discover a fantastical world populated by all manner of strange and fantastical beasts (one that exists beneath their own), Trollhunters should provide del Toro fans a brand new genre production to sink their teeth into as the interminable wait for upcoming del Toro films such as The Shape of Water and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark continues On that note, the latest word from behind the scenes of the DreamWorks Animation production has it that a few familiar faces will lend their respective talents to the new show.

According to Deadline, Trollhunters has just added the likes of actors Anton Yelchin (Star Trek Beyond), Kelsey Grammer (Boss), and frequent del Toro-collaborator Ron Perlman (Hellboy) to its cast, with Yelchin providing the voice to central protagonist Jim, while Grammer and Perlman will play dueling trolls Blinky and Bular on the sides of good and evil, respectively. Aligning with such an impressive cast of lead actors should serve to embolden the production behind the scenes and result in an original animated series that should prove popular among Netflix viewers.

Ron Perlman as Hellboy

Given Perlman's history of working with del Toro in the past, adding his voice to Trollhunters should serve to situate the new show comfortably against the acclaimed filmmaker's previous successes. Additionally, Grammer and Yelchin are more than capable performers on their own terms, and they should each be able to bring a decided emotional vibrancy and dramatic urgency to their respective roles and the production as a whole.

If everything continues to fall into place as nicely as it has so far in the making of Trollhunters, then Netflix and DreamWorks Animation might just have a verifiable hit on their hands when the new series sees its premiere later this winter. Even if Hellboy 3 never happens, original productions like this one can still provide del Toro and his fans plenty of new material to look forward to and enjoy.

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Trollhunters will premiere on Netflix in December 2016.

Source: Deadline   

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