6 Things Most Fans Don’t Know About Carol Danvers’ Kree Suit

Carol Danvers' Kree suit for Captain Marvel caused a lot of discussions when it was first revealed. Lots of people had theories about why the colors were ‘wrong’ and admittedly some of them even got it right. People were arguing about the suit right up until the trailers started releasing, and even then the trailers didn’t fully stop the debate.

Fans who have seen the movie now know that Carol ends up with two different designs for her suit. The Kree one that confused many with its leaked photos, and her traditionally colored suit. Though technically both are the same suit, just with different colors. The fact remains that there is still a lot to be known about her suit, both what it represents and how it was made. Here is everything you should know about her green suit and what it means for her character.

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6 Kree Colors

The most obvious fact is the reasoning behind the colors. The suit is designed with the Kree colors in mind. That’s because at the beginning of the movie Carol Danvers was part of the Kree team called the Starforce, even if she didn't stay with them in the end.

The Starforce is a special and elite unit within the Kree army. This says a lot about the status they were trying to elevate Carol (Vers, to them) to. Or it could simply be that Yon-Rogg wanted to personally keep his eyes on her.The Kree colors could also be the movie’s way of hinting to fans about everything that has happened to Carol. She wasn’t merely abducted by the Kree. She was made to be one of them, at least in part. That’s why she bleeds blue now.

5 The Lines

The lines of all the Kree suits were intentionally designed to be angular and harsh. The main reason the creative team made this decision was so that they would be dramatically different from the way the Skrull suits were designed. The Skrull suits have softer edges, and are generally more organic looking.

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Meanwhile, everything about the Kree had to imply high technology. Carol’s suit has advanced capabilities, and most of them seem to be controlled from a section on her wrist. It can even change the color of the suit, which seems simple, but is probably actually very complex.

4 Hala Star

The star on the center of the suit is also known as a Hala Star. It’s a star symbol known to represent the Kree Empire. Thus it’s typically shown on all Kree uniforms, ships, and anything else they can think of.

Hala is the home planet of the Kree, and thus the significance behind the star itself and the name. It is also a planet that has been destroyed as far as the comic canon is concerned. Thus the Kree hold on to the heritage it left them with everything they have.

The Hala star was also a major part of the original Captain Marvel’s design, He was also known as Mar-Vell (ringing any bells there?). He was the reason that Carol received her powers, and is one of the reasons she chose to adopt the star as well. Obviously, in the movies, her reasoning is slightly different (as she likely wasn’t given a choice in the suit design originally), but she’ll probably end up keeping the star for similar reasons.

3 Captain Marvel Logo

The Hala star combined with the two gold lines on each side are part of the iconic logo for Captain Marvel. Of course, traditionally she’s seen with the design in gold, red, and blue. But the design itself is iconic enough to translate in a green and gold version.

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Carol Danvers’ has been using this as her emblem ever since she became Captain Marvel. It represents everything that is important to her, from where she got her powers, to what she is working so hard to protect. For her, it’s a symbol and a reminder.

2 Faux Hawk

Believe it or not, the Faux that Carol Danvers is rocking is actually a hat tip to the comics. Captain Marvel got her famous Faux Hawk around the same time that she got her new mantle.

At the time of taking over her series, writer Kelly Sue DeConnick felt that Carol needed a new look to go with the new title. But everything that had been submitted so far just wasn’t cutting it. DeConnick felt very strongly about getting the look right, since Captain Marvel was a big move for the character, and honestly a little extra attention couldn’t hurt.

So she approached the famous artist Jamie McKelvie and managed to talk him into doing it (that was a whole ordeal in itself, and worth looking up). He came up with the design for the Faux Hawk, and it was love at first sight for DeConnick. It’s been a look that has stayed up until recent comics. It may still make an appearance again, but it hasn’t of late. Here’s hoping the movie will spark a resurgence.

1 Different Suits Used For Filming

Carol Danvers’ suit and looks were actually created by having Brie Larson wear several different suits, depending on the occasion. Some of the suits were designed to look better for dramatic shots, while others made it easier for the actress to move. There’s even a separate suit for when she’s filming the flying scenes!

The materials in each suit set were dramatically different as well, depending on what was needed. Some were leather, others neoprene, and others a combination of different materials.

In total there were seven or eight suits for Brie and her two stunt doubles. It’s a crazy amount of different suits when you think about it.

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