Triplets: Arnold Schwarzenegger Confirms Eddie Murphy, Script is Finished

Schwarzenegger and De Vito in Twins

Triplets may have been in the works for quite a while, but it now seems to have reached a strong place in its development with confirmation that its script has been finished. The project is a sequel to Twins, the film that marked Arnold Schwarzenegger's first foray into pure comedy since his explosion into stardom in the 1980s, and teamed the Austrian up with Danny De Vito as long-lost twins Julius and Vincent.

Twins was eventually subject to a shock sequel, Triplets, with Eddie Murphy pencilled in to star as the third brother alongside the returning Schwarzenegger and De Vito. The project was revealed to be on hiatus back in 2015, with many wondering if the movie would ever continue with its development. However, last year Schwarzenegger himself confirmed that he would be filming it after Terminator 6, so it seemed as though things were finally moving forward once more.

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Now, Schwarzenegger has been able to give another important update on Triplets, and it's good news for those that liked the original premise and potential cast. Speaking with Deadline, Schwarzenegger announced that not only is the script now finished, but that Eddie Murphy is now officially attached to the project.


The star also gave a brief explanation about the story of Triplets, in particular Eddie Murphy's sudden arrival as the third brother in the film. Describing the reason for Murphy's role as a "funny thing that happens in the mixing of the sperm," at the very least now fans of the original can get a little bit of an understanding of how this brother of Benedict and Julius had been missed for so long.

This most recent news reiterates what Schwarzenegger had previously said about Triplets, with his last update confirming that the script was nearly done and filming would start soon. However, it does look as though filming may be pushed back a little as it will have to wait for the Trump-baiting Terminator 6 first. As such, fans of Twins might have to be patient for a little while longer yet.

Schwarzenegger's upcoming films are a stark contrast from his movie-making peak, as aside from the Terminator franchise he was rarely involved in sequels beyond that early Conan duology. However, something has clearly changed, with the action hero set for further Terminator and Conan films alongside Triplets itself. Whether these films are able to capture the success of the originals, however, remains to be seen.

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Source: Deadline

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