Watch: Triple H's Epic Raw Promo Reminds WWE Fans Why He's a Legend

Triple H is gearing up for his first match since April, and "The Game" wasted no time reminding fans why he's a WWE legend via a badass Raw promo. While Triple H might spend most of his time both on and off camera wearing the suit of a WWE executive nowadays, the man still keeps himself in terrific shape, enabling him to drop the microphone and pick up his old trusty sledgehammer whenever the need arises. He might now be pushing 50, but that doesn't mean that the 14-time world champion can't step back into the ring and wow the crowd every now and again.

At this point, Triple H only wrestles a few times a year, and primarily focuses on his corporate roles with WWE, including running the company's NXT developmental brand and booking WWE Network's cruiserweight show 205 Live. His matches in 2018 so far have included a quite fun mixed tag team match at WrestleMania - in which he teamed up with wife Stephanie McMahon to take on the team of Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey - and a marquee match against old rival John Cena during April's Greatest Royal Rumble stadium show in Saudi Arabia.

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Triple H will next remove his suit and don his wrestling gear for October 6's WWE Super Show-Down, another big stadium event set to be broadcast live from Australia on the WWE Network. As part of that card, HHH will go to war once again with one of his greatest adversaries, fellow WWE legend and surefire hall of famer The Undertaker. Like HHH, Undertaker only wrestles a few times a year, and thus anytime he steps back into the ring is an event in and of itself. The two titans famously clashed at WrestleManias XVII, XXVII, and XXVIII, with Undertaker winning all three times.

With the above in mind, leave it to Triple H to come out on Raw and completely outclass the vast majority of the current roster with a promo hyping his latest encounter with The Deadman. As Hunter acknowledged, their last match - a 2012 Hell in a Cell brawl that was billed as the "End of an Era" - was intended to be the final one between them. So when Vince McMahon asked HHH to face Undertaker one more time, he initially resisted the call, wanting to preserve the historic moment at the end of the Cell match in which he, Undertaker, and Shawn Michaels all walked off together into the figurative sunset.

Of course, Triple H relented eventually, provided Undertaker was onboard, and that both men could channel the main event talent they once possessed. HHH's promo was full of passion and sincerity, and earned roars of approval from the live crowd. The promo then blew up on social media, with many longtime fans being reminded just why guys like Triple H are special, and are experts at talking crowds into a fervor. Here's hoping he and Undertaker are able to capture their old in-ring magic when WWE heads down under.

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