Netflix's Triple Frontier Ending & Real Meaning Explained

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What Did The Team Get Out of It At The End Of Triple Frontier?

The focus of Triple Frontier's ending is very much on what the team lost. Ironhead is shot early on, they have to keep cutting money loose the farther they go, and then Redfly gets killed. Despite all this, they complete their primary objective - to assassinate Lorea - and get to their escape boat with millions of dollars in their possession.

When it comes time to divide up their loot, there's only $5 million of an estimated $250 million haul remaining. Pope tears up his contract and asks that his share be folded into Redfly's. Every other team member follows suit, leaving Tom's family with millions of dollars in his memory. Not only did they all lose a friend and most of the stolen money as they try to escape, but then they all give up what little they did carry out (still a hefty sum), leaving them empty-handed.

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That doesn't mean they didn't get anything out of it, though. When Triple Frontier opens, they are each shown to feel dissatisfaction with their life after their service, which is largely why money was able to sway them in the first place. Ironhead opened the movie speaking to troops on their way out of the service, cautioning them against joining up with contractors from promises of glory and good pay - the same mistake they all made in agreeing to mount this mission with Pope. They may not have the money or the glory at the end of Triple Frontier, but unlike Redfly, they still have their lives, and that on its own is something they can be thankful for.

Then, of course, Ironhead gives Pope the coordinates to where they dumped the money before escaping, fittingly ending Triple Frontier with yet another fork in the road: he could go back to try and retrieve the money (nearly $200 million) at some point when things quiet down; or he could go find Yovanna and her brother (and their money) in Australia. The stakes seem a little lower this time, but the lingering temptation of one last mission (again) is still dangled in front of him. That's the ultimate ambiguity of Triple Frontier's ending.

Was Triple Frontier's Team Wrong?

Pedro Pascal and Garrett Hedlund and Charlie Hunnam and Ben Affleck in Triple Frontier

If given the opportunity for a do-over, the characters of Triple Frontier would surely all take it. Even though they made it out with enough to make them comfortable for the rest of their lives, they gave it all up. Redfly's family may be well taken care of financially, but surely his daughter (and his friends) would rather have him in their lives.

The big justification, though, was the assassination of Gabriel Martin Lorea. They made the decision to operate outside of any government or military capacity and assassinated him instead of arresting him. From a purely utilitarian perspective, it could be argued that made the mission more good than bad, as it destabilizes crime in the area and could give law enforcement the edge they need to clamp down, but the reality is likely less positive.

The power vacuum created by the assassination will most likely create an opportunity for another, possibly more ruthless, up-and-comer to fill the void, which is the more realistic scenario. With their experience in the field, the team probably even knew this and the assassination was likely never the true purpose of the mission, and only the justification they used to convince themselves. These are smart guys who are no stranger to how these things work, meaning it was always purely a mission to illegally obtain money for themselves, and by Triple Frontier's ending, it cost them dearly.

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