Netflix Eyes Triple Frontier; Ben & Casey Affleck Circling Roles

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Shortly after Paramount dropped director J.C. Chandor's Triple Frontier and the film lost stars Tom Hardy and Channing Tatum, it could find new life thanks to Netflix and the Affleck brothers. The streaming service has become noteworthy for its original content over the past handful of years, winning raves for a variety of their TV shows. They're currently looking to make a name for themselves in the realm of feature films, to the point where even the great Martin Scorsese is partnering with Netflix to make his latest gangster picture, The Irishman. Their slate is chock full of intriguing movies, such as David Ayer's Bright and the Brad Pitt vehicle War Machine.

Triple Frontier has been in development for several years now, and was once seen as a potential collaboration between Tom Hanks and Kathryn Bigelow. It seemed to gain some traction when the starring duo of Hardy and Tatum signed on, but recently hit a snag and looked to be dead in the water. Now, however, there could be some hope as Netflix attempts to step in with some A-list talent along the way.

According to Deadline, Netflix has had "promising" conversations with the Triple Frontier creative team about distributing the film. Nothing official has been agreed upon yet, but the plan is for Netflix to offer the lead roles to brothers Ben and Casey Affleck, who would co-star alongside Mahershala Ali. Should the deal come to pass, this would be the first time since 1997's Good Will Hunting the Affleck siblings share the screen in the same film. Ben directed his younger brother in Gone Baby Gone, but did not have a role in that movie. Triple Frontier could potentially also unite two of this year's Oscar winners, as Casey Affleck won Best Actor for Manchester by the Sea and Ali took home Best Supporting Actor for Moonlight.

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For those not in the know, Triple Frontier is billed as an action/thriller film that takes place in the border zone between Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil, a region that has become rather infamous for terrorism activity. The script is written by Academy Award winner Mark Boal, best known for his work on Bigelow war dramas The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty. For the most part, plot details have been kept under wraps, but with the pedigree involved, it's easy to see why there is continued interest in Triple Frontier. It has the potential to be a riveting piece and could even contend for awards if everything falls into place. Of course, the film is not a guaranteed lock, so major studios are justifiably wary of giving it the green light, but Netflix could be the perfect home for it, as the risk won't be so great.

Hopefully for Chandor, the streaming service and the Afflecks come on board so he can finally make this movie a reality. The filmmaker seems poised for a breakout after winning raves for smaller dramas like A Most Violent Year and All Is Lost, and Triple Frontier certainly has the makings of a mainstream hit. After Paramount pulled the plug so soon before production was scheduled to begin, it would be nice if it rebounded and was able to start later this year. Time will tell.

Triple Frontier does not have a release date as of this writing.

Source: Deadline

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