Triple Frontier Trailer #2 & Poster: Oscar Isaac's Got a Job for You

Oscar Isaac leads a team of military veterans on a drug cartel heist in the new trailer and poster for Netflix's star-studded Triple Frontier.

A new trailer and poster have arrived for Netflix's Triple Frontier. Years before it landed at the streaming service, Triple Frontier was an original project slated to star Tom Hanks and Johnny Depp, with Kathryn Bigelow directing from a script by her The Hurt Locker, Zero Dark Thirty, and Detroit collaborator Mark Boal. Ultimately, that version of the movie never happened and J.C. Chandor (All is Lost) replaced Bigelow as the film's director and cowriter back in 2015. Triple Frontier continued to attract big-name stars like Channing Tatum and Mahershala Ali after that, but those actors likewise dropped out before Netflix got involved in 2017.

Triple Frontier, in its final form, stars Ben Affleck, Oscar Isaac, Charlie Hunnam, Garrett Hedlund, and Pedro Pascal as a group of ex-Special Forces operatives  and friends who've settled into their new lives as civilians. That changes when one of them (Isaac) approaches the others about a lucrative, but illegal job that involves robbing an infamous South American drug lord (Reynaldo Gallegos). For better or worse, the promise of a big payday - one that could secure their families' financial standing for good - is too enticing for them to pass up, as the film's new trailer illustrates.

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Affleck debuted the second Triple Frontier trailer during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week. You can check it out below, followed by the film's newly-released poster.

Unlike the first Triple Frontier trailer, the latest preview dives fairly deep into the film's plot and its characters' motivation for carrying out such a dangerous heist to begin with. The movie's acton sequences and set pieces are pretty solidly constructed in the footage included here, and the dark color palette of Roman Vasynov's cinematography seems to set the story's mood equally well. Likewise, the film's cast appears to be in their element, which isn't surprising given their collective past experience in the action and/or thriller genres. Isaac previously worked with Chandor on A Most Violent Year, so he's presumably comfortable with the filmmaker's stripped-down storytelling approach by now. Meanwhile, Pascal's no stranger to the subject matter here, following his role in Netflix's drug cartel drama series Narcos.

Beyond that, it'll be interesting to see how Triple Frontier goes over compared to other Netflix Originals of late. The streaming service has already premiered new films by directors Dan Gilroy (Velvet Buzzsaw) and Steven Soderbergh (High Flying Bird) this year, but neither one's been a massive hit with Netflix viewers. More than that, like an increasing number of Netflix Originals, they were generally well-received, but criticized for not living up to their potential on paper. We'll have to wait and see if the trend continues with Triple Frontier or Chandor's film joins current Best Picture Oscar contender Roma on the list of Netflix features that match or exceed the expectations around them.

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Triple Frontier begins streaming worldwide through Netflix on Wednesday, March 13.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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