Will There Be A Triple Frontier Sequel?

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Triple Frontier.

Will there be a Triple Frontier 2? Netflix's Triple Frontier has a very conclusive ending but still left the door open for another adventure with the remaining crew, leaving audiences wondering: could there be a sequel? The cast had great chemistry and there's a pretty clear hook for the crew to assemble for another mission, but there's currently no plan for a sequel, and it's pretty doubtful it will actually materialize into another movie.

After the heist goes wrong, the crew still escapes with a van packed to the roof with stolen cash. So much so that they overburden their helicopter so it can't reach the required altitude to make it over the Andes mountain range, causing them to crash and make the journey the rest of the way on foot. Ben Affleck's Tom 'Redfly' Davis is shot and killed, and eventually, they're forced to abandon all the bags of money they'd been hauling, throwing it all into a deep canyon and carrying only a backpack each to their escape boat.

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Triple Frontier's Ending Leaves Room For A Sequel

There's certainly narrative room for a Triple Frontier 2. When it came time for them to sign their paperwork to arrange for regular paychecks from the shell company that would distribute their wealth, only $5,334,120 is left. Cut five ways, that's 1,066,824 each. Every one of them ended up signing their shares over to Redfly's account, walking away empty handed.

Before parting ways, Charlie Hunnam's William 'Ironhead' Miller hands Oscar Isaac's Santiago 'Pope' Garcia a piece of paper with a set of coordinates on it, presumably pointing the way to the canyon holding the money they'd discarded and says "Maybe we can go do something good with it one day."

The obvious implication is that the money is still out there. With an initial haul estimated at $250 million, they cut $50 million loose from the helicopter to try to make it over the Andes, and gave away just over $1 million after crashing on the coca farm, then discarded almost all of the remainder, making it out with just over $5 million. That means there's somewhere just north of $190 million sitting at the bottom of that canyon still.

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Having just lost Redfly, the team might not be hot to gear up and head back in so soon, but with $190 million just sitting there for the taking once the heat in the area finally dies down again, a second mission to retrieve it shouldn't be too rough. But would it make for a good movie? And will the cast return to make it? Probably not.

What Would Triple Frontier 2 Be About?

Pedro Pascal and Garrett Hedlund and Charlie Hunnam and Ben Affleck in Triple Frontier

A mission simply to return to collect the remaining cash is hardly hefty enough for Triple Frontier 2. The canyon is so close to the ocean, and they could probably even just land a helicopter there and load up and be gone with no need for a massive escape plan like the last time. If the mission does go sideways again, the escape will also be way easier.

If a Triple Frontier 2 were to happen, the mission would likely need to be more complex than a simple return for the cash. The most sensible route would be to create a scenario where the money is needed for another purpose, such as if someone from the cartel tracks down Yovanna in Australia and demands a ransom from Santiago. But even then, Pope could simply turn over the coordinates and doesn't need to go retrieve it himself.

The Fast and the Furious was able to string together a massive franchise from less, so it wouldn't be the most outlandish sequel ever seen, but while it'd be great to see more of this crew together (even sans Ben Affleck's Redfly), don't expect the cast or creative team to have much interest in milking Triple Frontier for much more than the single installment.

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