Trick ‘r Treat Themed Maze Highlights Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights

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This year's annual Halloween Horror Nights event at Universal Studios theme parks has added a haunted maze based on the cult hit Trick 'r Treat. A Halloween-themed horror anthology film, Trick 'r Treat initially looked to have been dealt a bad hand by studio Warner Bros. The anthology was originally scheduled to hit theaters in 2007, only to sit on a shelf for a while, then get dumped direct to video in 2009. Despite this decidedly shabby treatment, horror fans rallied around writer/director Michael Dougherty's movie, turning it into a cult phenomenon.

Unlike most horror anthologies - which tend to be a series of unrelated stories connected very thinly together by a narrator or wraparound story - Trick 'r Treat's tales of terror were all directly linked in some way, and all took place in the geographical area. The film is also rather funny, even if its humor is most definitely pitch black. Trick 'r Treat caught on so quick that even now - less than a decade after its inauspicious release - it's already become a staple of Halloween viewing for many.

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Now, Universal Studios has announced that a Trick 'r Treat maze will be a part of 2018's annual Halloween Horror Nights festivities at the company's theme parks. This will mark the 28th edition of Halloween Horror Nights, which began in 1991 under the title Universal Studios Fright Nights. HHN has since grown to become one of the most popular Halloween attractions in the world. Those who love Trick 'r Treat can expect to be inserted directly into its many stories, including encountering the film's cute but deadly mascot character Sam, walking through the house of rotten old jerk Mr. Kreeg, and watching in horror as seemingly normal young women transform into murderous werewolves. One assumes it would be ill advised for guests to disrespect Halloween traditions while inside.

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The Trick 'r Treat maze is the third haunted house to be added to Halloween Horror Nights 28 at Universal Orlando Resort. Previously announced mazes include an attraction based on Netflix hit Stranger Things, and an original zombie maze called Dead Exposure: Patient Zero, a sequel to a prior year's maze. At Universal Studios Hollywood's sister HHN event, so far only Stranger Things and Trick 'r Treat have been confirmed.

While it'll be cool to reconnect with Sam at Halloween Horror Nights, one wonders when Michael Dougherty and Legendary Pictures will finally deliver the long-promised sequel Trick 'r Treat 2. The follow-up was officially announced in 2013, but very little progress has seemingly been made since. Since Trick 'r Treat - his directorial debut - Doughtery has helmed the well-received Christmas fright flick Krampus, and is also behind 2019 blockbuster Godzilla: King of the Monsters, a sequel to Godzilla (2014). Perhaps after finishing with the big G, Dougherty will have some time to return to Sam's world.

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