Trevor Noah Extends Daily Show Contract Through To 2022

Trevor Noah has extended his Daily Show contract through to 2022. Noah had very big shoes to fill when he took over as TDS host, following the 2015 departure of Jon Stewart. Stewart had been hosting the show since 1999, and had cemented himself as the most trusted name in "fake news." It should be noted that the phrase "fake news" didn't always have the negative connotation it has today, as Stewart simply used it to refer to TDS' style of satirizing politics and the news media.

As one might expect, it took Noah quite awhile to make The Daily Show his own, and establish himself as a viable entrant into the crowded late night comedy marketplace. One stumbling block Noah faced was his roots as a South African, as some fans felt it rang hollow for someone who had never before lived in the U.S. to be the one examining and critiquing its government and public institutions. To Noah's credit, he did his best to make that an asset, bringing the perspective of a outsider confused by America's often bemusing political system to his early broadcasts.

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Unsurprisingly, the tumultuous 2016 presidential election and subsequent rise of former reality star Donald Trump to POTUS has led Noah's Daily Show to some of its highest ratings to date. Comedy Central is clearly happy with his performance as host so far, as the network has extended Noah's contract a further five years, keeping him behind the TDS desk well into 2022.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah New Set

Along with the announcement of Noah's contract extension, Comedy Central has also revealed that from now on, The Daily Show will wrap up the year that was with annual year-end specials. This will be a new tradition for TDS, which has traditionally taken the last several weeks of each year off.

The above news comes not too far in advance of the debut of The Daily Show's newest spinoff, The Opposition with Jordan Klepper. Klepper has been a correspondent on TDS since 2014, and is the latest in an ever-growing line of TDS veterans to make the jump to hosting their own show. Stephen Colbert currently hosts The Late Show, while Samantha Bee hosts Full Frontal on TBS, and John Oliver hosts Last Week Tonight on HBO, which itself just got picked up through to 2020. Larry Wilmore also hosted previous 11:30 timeslot occupant The Nightly Show, until it was canceled last summer.

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The Daily Show airs Monday-Thursday at 11pm EST on Comedy Central.

Source: Comedy Central

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