Tremors Pilot Director 'Baffled' Series Was Canceled

Vincenzo Natali - director of the unaired Tremors pilot episode - is 'baffled' at Syfy's decision not to move forward with the show.

Director Vincenzo Natali is 'baffled' by Syfy's decision not to move ahead with the Tremors TV show. The original Tremors movie became a cult hit thanks to its mixture of horror and comedy, cool monsters and the comic interplay between stars Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward. While Bacon was originally set to return for 1996's Tremors 2: Aftershocks, huge budget cuts saw him opting out and co-star Ward being promoted to leading man.

Ward then dropped out of Tremors 3: Back To Perfection, and loveable survivalist Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) has played the lead in every entry since, including the recently released sixth movie Tremors: A Cold Day In Hell. Burt was also the lead character of the short-lived 2003 Tremors show on the Sci-Fi network. Fans of the franchise got very excited when it was first announced in 2015 Bacon was reprising his role as Valentine for a new TV series, and after a slow development process, it was confirmed a pilot for the show had been shot.

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Sadly, Bacon recently confirmed Syfy opted not to pick the Tremors pilot up, and while its possible another network could pick it up, the show is likely dead. Now Vincenzo Natali – who helmed the pilot – has opened up about the show being canned on Twitter and is just as confused as everyone else.

He also stated the pilot will probably never see the light of day.

Andrew Miller, the writer of the pilot, has also been talking about the show on Twitter and revealed a photo of older Val from the episode.

By all accounts, the Tremors pilot tested very well, so Syfy's decision not to move ahead has surprised many. Perhaps the network had concerns about how the concept would translate to a weekly series, the cult nature of the franchise or the cost involved with the effects. Whatever the case may be, it's extremely disappointing to fans who've been eagerly awaiting the show. There are also unconfirmed rumors Fred Ward was making a return for the show too, adding to the misery.

Fans of the current Tremors movie series can take some solace in the news that Universal is apparently considering a 7th movie with Michael Gross returning, so at least the end of the show doesn't mean the end of the franchise.

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Source: Andrew Miller, Vincenzo Natali (via CBM)

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