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The pilot for the new intended TV series of Tremors has finished shooting, and leading actor Kevin Bacon marked the occasion with a fun social media post, which shows his character in the show in a whole different light. Bacon is reprising his original role of Graboid-catcher Val McKee in this rebooted version of the movie franchise for Syfy, and with principal photography now apparently complete, hopefully a premiere date will soon be announced.

The movie franchise continues to roll on from the 1990 film, which set up the premise of the huge burrowing carnivorous worms known as Graboids, with the fifth sequel due to be released next year. Bacon has never appeared in any of those, with Michael Gross taking over the leading man duties as survivalist Burt Gummer. But he still showed a fondness for the character of McKee and expressed a willingness to return to the franchise. A TV reboot of Tremors with Bacon reprising the role was confirmed to be in development as long ago as November 2015, but it didn't officially get off the ground until earlier this year with the actor announcing that Syfy would be shooting a pilot for a new series.

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Since then the production was fast-tracked with Vincenzo Natali signing on as director and with a talented and eclectic cast to support Bacon. The pilot started shooting in October and was expected to finish during November. The location for the bulk of the shoot has been in and around Albuquerque, although on-set photos and details - beyond a basic synopsis - have been pretty sparse. However, the filming seems to have completed on schedule and was marked by Bacon during the weekend as he posted a photo and message on Instagram to spread the news, which can be seen below:

So long to NM. Had an amazing time shooting this pilot. Hope I can keep walking in these boots #Tremors

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The photo shows some broken Val McKee bobbleheads - which are now sure to become collectors items - as well as a message bidding goodbye to New Mexico and the "amazing time" he had filming the pilot there. He also makes a statement that he hopes to "keep walking in these boots." This probably refers to the fact that a series commission has yet to be confirmed by Syfy, and that may depend on the reaction to the pilot itself. The actual bobbleheads themselves are probably a reference to McKee's current financial situation in the story. He's said to be a "faded hero" who's living off past glories, and it makes sense that he still might be trying to make money from his previous fame, which has no doubt seen better days.

Hopefully further news regarding the anticipated series and a premiere date for the pilot will be made available soon. A TV series was attempted previously in 2003, but just didn't seem to work and was quickly cancelled. But with Bacon playing the unlucky McKee once again, and returning to Perfection - along with a disapproving daughter played by Emily Tremaine (Vinyl) - it could just recapture some of the original monster magic. We'll bring you any further news of the TV pilot for Tremors as we get it.

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