Tremors TV Series Starring Kevin Bacon Isn't Moving Forward

Those looking forward to Syfy's new Tremors TV series starring Kevin Bacon have reason to be sad, as the series has been axed before it even aired. While Hollywood is bursting full of long-running franchises - after all, if it works once, it'll probably work again - a bit rarer are the franchises that quickly abandon their original protagonist. Tremors is one such franchise, as the 1990 film's clear lead hero Valentine "Val" McKee (Bacon), hasn't returned for any of the five sequel movies.

Instead, star duties first went to McKee's buddy Earl Bassett (Fred Ward) in Tremors 2, before shifting over fully to Perfection's lovable survivalist Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) for Tremors 3 and beyond. Gummer also served as the lead in 2003's short-lived Tremors TV series, broadcast on the then Sci-Fi Channel. When it was announced last year that Tremors was set to return to the small screen, the big draw for most was that the series would feature the return of Bacon to the Val McKee role.

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Unfortunately, Tremors fans may now never get to see Bacon head back to Perfection, NV, as the since re-branded Syfy has decided not to move forward with the new series. The bad news comes via Bacon himself, who revealed the disappointing info via an Instagram post earlier tonight. According to Bacon, Syfy has axed the project, despite filming on the pilot episode having already been completed. Check out his post below.

The fairly surprising news that Tremors' new TV series won't move forward comes not too long after recent rumors that Bacon's original co-star Ward would be returning to his role for the pilot as well. While Ward's involvement was never officially confirmed, if he did participate, that gives fans even more reason to be bummed about the fact that they'll likely never see the two characters back fighting Graboids together again. While Syfy could theoretically opt to release the pilot episode in some form, it's pretty rare that such a thing happens when a series doesn't get picked up.

In a best case scenario, maybe Syfy will end up releasing the pilot digitally, or including it as an extra on Tremors 7's DVD release, should another film in the Burt Gummer saga be made. In the meantime, Graboid watchers at least have Tremors 6: A Cold Day in Hell to look forward to soon, which hits DVD, Blu-Ray, and digital HD on May 1. Still, it'll be quite a shame if fans never get to see Bacon's attempt at returning to the franchise he helped start.

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