SYFY's Tremors Reboot Adds Big Little Lies Actor & More

Big Little Lies and Vinyl alum P.J. Byrne has signed up for a role in Syfy's Tremors TV series, along with some other talented individuals. The show’s pilot episode – which will bring Kevin Bacon back to the Graboid-infected town of Perfection, and serve as a direct follow-up to the 1990 Tremors movie – is expected to start filming before the end of the month.

Vincenzo Natali is directing the pilot, in the hope that an 8-part series will be ordered afterward. The cast already includes Bacon as Valentine McKee (now “a small-town hero whose glory days faded away”, according to the synopsis), as well as newcomers to the franchise Megan Ketch, Emily Tremaine and Shiloh Fernandez – who were announced back in September.

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And now, six more have been added to the cast. Deadline broke the news, revealing character names and some interesting details:

P.J. Byrne will play Melvin, a “real estate developer obsessed with reinventing Perfection”. Weeds alum Hunter Parrish is portraying Arthur, “a young, magnetic leader of [a] pot-growing, earth-worshipping tribe of Millenials”. Wrecked star Ebonée Noel is playing Zoe, “a truth-seeker possessed with deep, sensual intuition”. Ransom’s Brandon Jay McLaren is Toby, “the public liaison to a data storage company in Perfection”. And Haley Tju of Bella and the Bulldogs is set to play Jai, “a dirt-biking drug smuggler and Perfection’s resident badass.”

Tremors - Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward

It’s clear that the script, from the prospective showrunner Andrew Miller, is introducing a new generation of characters to the mix. With the exception of Byrne’s Mevlin – who is apparently “fueled by jealousy he holds for Valentine McKee” – all these new characters are probably too young to remember the previous Graboid attack on Perfection. This makes a lot of sense: these youngsters may not believe that the previous attack actually happened, making them prone to misjudging the situation, which could raise the stakes significantly. It should be interesting to watch them struggle against the Graboids, if Syfy’s series get the green light and makes it to screen.

However, as exciting as it is to think about Tremors coming to TV, fans will not forget that the film franchise did carry on while Kevin Bacon sauntered off to conquer Hollywood. Syfy’s Tremors TV series is expected to ignore the various Bacon-free sequels to the original Tremors flick, including the Michael Gross-starring Tremors 6, which is set for a 2018 release. Gross will not appear in the TV version, making this a very clear split.

It’ll be interesting to see if this film/TV rupture – with two distinct timelines attempting to follow on from the original film – ends up dividing the fan base.

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