Tremors 6: A Cold Day in Hell Trailer Heads to the Arctic

The official trailer for Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell has arrived, and it promises fans more wild action and monster battles with Burt Gummer. Burt (Michael Gross) has been kicking Graboid ass with large amounts of firepower since 1990, when he debuted as part of the original Tremors film starring Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward. In the decades since, Burt has shifted to the forefront of the Tremors franchise, taking his place as a b-movie staple.

Now, Burt Gummer - along with sidekick/long-lost son Travis Welker - is headed to a battlefield he has no familiarity with: the arctic. Burt has always encountered Graboids in warm, desert climates before, but the beasts have seemingly acclimated to their new cold environs. When ass blasters - another step in the Graboid life cycle - are spotted near a remote base, Burt and Travis are called in to take stock of the situation, and hopefully eradicate the unwanted visitors. After all, where there are ass blasters, there are also likely to Graboids of the underground variety.

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Universal 1440 Entertainment has now released the official trailer for Tremors 6, after months of steadily building hype among the fandom. Tremors may not be a horror franchise on the level of fame as a Halloween or A Nightmare on Elm Street, but it's got quite the active group of loyal followers that continue to look forward to each entry. Check out the trailer above, which was first revealed by EW.

It's worth noting that - like with the batch of first look photos that we debuted last week - the trailer for Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell shows very little of the actual monster shots, and the ones fans do get to see are very brief. Universal clearly doesn't see any benefit to granting lots of advance peeks at these new arctic Graboids, and would prefer they not be seen in all their glory until a viewer has opted to buy or rent the film.

If Tremors 6 performs well on home video, one assumes that a Tremors 7 won't be too far behind. Between Tremors and the Chucky franchise, Universal seems to have a knack for continuing horror series on DVD and Blu-Ray, without falling into the creative swamp that properties like Hellraiser and Children of the Corn have spent years wallowing in.

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Tremors: A Cold Day in Hell bites into DVD, Blu-Ray, and Digital HD on May 1.

Source: EW

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