Tremors 6 Gets a New 2018 Release Date

Tremors 6 has been bumped back from its originally-announced January 2018 release date. In the world of horror, there are certain franchises that manage to hang on long past the point that most would probably have expected. Clear examples of this are the Amityville and Leprechaun series. The same can be said for Tremors, which has been quietly pumping out sequels for over two decades.

The reason why Tremors keeps continuing isn't hard to figure out though, as the series' fanbase is quite loyal, and has made each sequel a worthwhile investment for studio Universal. While the Tremors movies have all added different aspects to the mythology of the Graboid creatures, all five prior entries have been snugly tied together by the featured presence of fan-favorite character Burt Gummer (Michael Gross).

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Burt began life as a supporting player in the original 1990 Tremors film, serving as the town of Perfection, Nevada's local gun enthusiast. Burt's huge supply of weapons and survivalist training proved a great help to Perfection's fellow residents during the Graboid assault, including main characters Val McKee (Kevin Bacon) and Earl Bassett (Fred Ward). While Earl returned for Tremors 2, Gross' Burt took over as series lead with Tremors 3, and has been serving in that capacity ever since. Unfortunately, it also recently fell to Gross - via Facebook - to relay the bad news to fans that the release of the upcoming Tremors 6 has been delayed from January 30, 2018 to May 2018.

Tremors 5 - Jamie Kennedy, Michael Gross

While a few month delay is hardly the end of the world, it's never great news when a movie that fans were eagerly looking forward to gets abruptly pushed back. In the same posting where Gross revealed the new release month for Tremors 6, the actor noted how he had to do a lot of ADR work for the film, as many of Burt's lines could not be salvaged from the production audio recording. He didn't specify whether this added post-production work is one of the reasons behind the delayed release, but it's certainly possible.

Tremors fans will soon have two separate universes to look forward to, as Syfy is pushing ahead with a new Tremors TV series that features Bacon's return to the franchise. That show will be a direct follow-up to the original film, and ignore all the movie sequels. Gross' Burt of course once led his own short-lived Tremors TV show, back in 2003, when Syfy was still the Sci-Fi Channel.

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Tremors 6 attacks DVD and Blu-ray in May 2018.

Source: Michael Gross

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