Tremors 6 Gets A January 2018 Release Date

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Horror sequel Tremors 6 receives a January 2018 release date from Universal. During the successful 1980s fun of NBC's sitcom Family Ties, it's unlikely anyone would have imagined that actor Michael Gross would eventually go on to cement himself in perhaps an even more iconic role in the seemingly never-ending Tremors horror franchise. The two characters really couldn't be more different, with Family Ties' liberal, ex-hippie dad Steven Keaton standing in stark contrast to Tremors' perpetually gun-toting survivalist Burt Gummer.

Introduced as a comedic supporting character in the original 1990 Tremors film - alongside wife Heather, played by Reba McEntire - starring Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward, Gross' Gummer has gone on to be the only character to appear in every Tremors film to date, as well as Syfy's short-lived 2003 TV series based on the franchise. After a decade-plus hiatus, both Gross and Tremors returned in 2015 with the pretty well-received by fans Tremors 5, which cast Gross alongside Scream veteran Jamie Kennedy as new sidekick Travis Welker.

Last fall, Universal Studios Home Entertainment announced that Burt Gummer's monster-hunting journey would continue once again, in Tremors 6. Both Gross and Kennedy are set to return as stars, as is Tremors 5 director Don Michael Paul and writer John Whelpley. Filming officially kicked off in January, and now Gross has taken to Facebook to announce that the new sequel will arrive on DVD and Blu-Ray on January 30, 2018. Check out his original post below.

That January date is likely a good amount further away than many fans were expecting, as the turnaround time on direct-to-video films doesn't tend to be quite so long. Still, with all major members of the Tremors 5 team on-board once again, chances are anyone who liked the last film will be just as pleased with Tremors 6. Like Tremors 5, Tremors 6 was filmed in South Africa, although the story itself is set in Canada, at a remote arctic research facility.

Gummer and Welker head up north to investigate a deadly series of Graboid attacks in the area, leading the former to suspect that the monsters have somehow been weaponized. Before he can prove it, Gummer is sidelined by Graboid venom, forcing the characters to try to figure out how to "milk" a Graboid in pursuit of creating an antivenom, with Gummer only having 48 hours left to live. Yes, it's just another day at the office for Gross.

Tremors 6 bursts forth from the ground on January 30, 2018.

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