Tremors 6 Begins Filming Next Week

Tremors 5 - Jamie Kennedy, Michael Gross

When it comes to long-running horror franchises, there are certain ones that just about everyone is familiar with, horror fan or not. These include big guns like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, and Friday the 13th, which have seen all their entries so far go to theaters. However, there exists a second tier of horror franchises that just keeping quietly chugging along on home video, such as Children of the Corn, Hellraiser, and Leprechaun. One of this latter variety is Tremors, which has produced 5 films to date.

Tremors began life as a fairly large-scale 1990 theatrical feature starring Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward as a duo of handymen who end up forced to battle for their lives alongside their fellow residents of Perfection, Nevada, including local gun nut Burt Gummer (Family Ties dad Michael Gross). Their enemy is a race of subterranean creatures known as Graboids, giant worm-like monsters who love to snack on hapless human prey. While only a modest hit at the box office, Tremors earned a cult following on video, leading to both a successful series of direct to video follow-ups and a short-lived TV series on Syfy. Gross was the only actor to return for all of these efforts.

Last year, the Tremors franchise returned from a decade-plus hiatus with Tremors 5: Bloodlines, featuring Gross starring alongside Scream vet Jamie Kennedy. While reviews for the installment were mixed from both fans and critics, one presumes it performed pretty well financially, as a Tremors 6 was confirmed as being in the works by Gross last fall. It seems that Universal Studios Home Entertainment isn't wasting any time on this one, as a recent post on Gross' Facebook page has revealed that the new sequel is set to begin filming next week, in South Africa.

For those curious, Tremors 5 was also filmed in South Africa, so it appears that that arrangement is going well for all involved. Some fans might not be too thrilled about Kennedy coming back, though, as his performance proved to be a bit of a sticking point for many whose opinions of the film leaned more toward the negative side. Still, those who enjoyed their chemistry last time out will surely be pleased. Creative continuity will be preserved too, as Tremors 5 director Don Michael Paul is also set to return.

As far as the plot of Tremors 6 goes, anything substantial has yet to be revealed, although one assumes that it'll probably pick up pretty quickly after the events of Tremors 5. Interestingly, a new Tremors TV series is in the works at Amazon, which will bring back Bacon. Gross has said he isn't involved, so it would appear that Tremors fans will soon have both big and small screen worlds to enjoy simultaneously.

Screen Rant will have more details for you on Tremors 6 as they are made available.

Source: Michael Gross (via Dread Central)

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