Treadstone Teaser Awakens The Action-Packed World That Created Jason Bourne

Brian J. Smith Treadstone USA Network

The world of Jason Bourne is coming USA Network this fall in Treadstone, and a new video goes behind the scenes of the action-packed series. While Matt Damon’s days as the lethal super spy may be behind him, the powers that be are interested in keeping the punchy, espionage-fueled franchise based on Robert Ludlum’s characters going, and this time they’re headed to television, with an expansive new storyline that will explore more of the clandestine organization responsible for creating nearly unstoppable sleeper agents like Jason Bourne. 

The expansion of the Bourne universe seemingly came and went when the better-than-you-remember spinoff, The Bourne Legacy, failed to take the franchise to new places. Despite starring Avengers bowman Jeremy Renner and featuring a top-notch performance from Edward Norton, the film didn’t move the needle enough for there to be a second film with Aaron Cross. As such, Treadstone was conceived as a project for USA, one that brings all the action of the film series to cable, while also upping the ante in terms of exploring just how widespread and influential the project of nearly superhuman assassins really is. 

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While USA has delivered a short and to-the-point trailer for the upcoming series, that teaser didn’t really reveal anything audiences didn’t already know. Now, more than a month ahead of the series’ official October premiere, USA is taking audiences behind the scenes of Treadstone, offering up interviews with creators and the cast alike. Check out the new featurette below: 

A big part of selling Treadstone is being able to match the kinetic energy of the Damon and Renner films, but on a television scale. As such, one of the first things anyone says in the video is how the show delivers “movie-quality action” all for the price of your cable subscription. That the video focuses first on stunt coordinators and then the actors, Hyo-Joo Han, Jeremy Irvine, and former Sense8 co-star Brian J. Smith, discussing the intensity of the actions sequences is a clear indication of what USA and the show’s producers believe will bring in an audience. 

Treadstone is certainly one of the more anticipated new series of the fall, and it’s one that despite coming from pre-existing IP has the chance to expand upon and perhaps even create an entirely new narrative from the one fans of the Bourne movies know so well. Time will tell if a Matt Damon-less Bourne series will be a hit, but it certainly looks as though Treadstone will deliver plenty of hits of a different variety. 

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Treadstone premieres Tuesday, October 15 @10pm on USA.

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