NBC Orders More 'Chuck' and Cancels 'Trauma'

Employees of Orange Orange and the Buy More can sleep a little easier at night because, for the time being, it appears that their jobs are safe as NBC has decided to order six more episodes of our favorite undercover underachiever, Chuck.

As good news comes, so must the bad. In this case the bad news is NBC will be canceling their low-rated freshman paramedic series Trauma after just five episodes.  Although, I have a feeling that fans of Chuck won’t be too dejected by this news.

Still, fans of Trauma deserve their moment to grieve and NBC has decided to give them that moment, as they’re committed to airing the remaining seven episodes of Trauma. While it’s only prolonging the inevitable, it’s more than Southland received. (I won’t even bring you up, FOX, and that whole Firefly debacle.)

This news doesn’t bode well for NBC as the cancellation of Trauma marks the second series to be axed since the fall season premiered in September. Combine that with NBC’s experimental The Jay Leno Show underperforming and MythBusters “Duct Tape Special” besting NBC’s other ER replacement, Mercy, and it looks as if the once triumphant Peacock has become a casualty of its own hubris.

Alright, enough of the boo-hoo for the cancellation of Trauma. Since I’ve never seen the show, I’m not really too concerned about its fate. Although, I am a huge fan of hoagies, so let’s get down to it with more Chuck coverage. I know what you’re wondering… When is Chuck coming back?

Well, we recently reported that NBC was looking to move the show up to late October, but now it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Don’t worry; we’re not going to have to wait until after the Winter Olympics in March (like fans of Lost will) in order to see the return of Chuck. The way things are going right now, it looks like Chuck may be returning around January.

While it’s not the October return that has previously been speculated, I’m sure the order of six additional episodes is worth waiting a couple more months.

So, what have you? Good news? Bad news? Does anyone actually watch Trauma?

Let’s hear it!

We’ll fill you in as we hear more about the triumphant return of Chuck.

Source: Variety [via: Ain't It Cool News]

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