'Transporter' TV Series to Air on TNT in Fall 2014

Chris Vance as The Transporter

Never change the deal. No names. Never open the package. Those are the rules that courier-for-hire Frank Martin abides by without question, which of course means that they got broken not long into the running time of Corey Yuen's 2002 action film The Transporter, which starred Jason Statham as the lead and was followed up with two sequels and a TV series.

Transporter: The Series features British actor Chris Vance (Prison Break) in the role of Frank Martin and has already aired in a number of countries, including Germany, France and Canada. As French-Canadian studio Atlantique Productions gets ready to shoot the second season next month, TNT has announced that US audiences will get to see the show as well.

Originally commissioned by French network M6, the first season of Transporter: The Series will arrive on TNT in fall 2014. Vance may already be familiar to TNT viewers, as he starred in a recurring role as Lt. Col. Charles "Casey" Jones in the detective series Rizzoli and Isles.

Andrea Osvárt as Carla in Transporter the Series
Andrea Osvárt as Carla in Transporter: The Series

The first season of Transporter: The Series has apparently been in a success in the countries where it's aired, and for the second season Frank Spotnitz is taking over as showrunner. Spotnitz is probably best known among geek circles as one of the writers and producers of The X-Files, and his more recent projects include action drama series Hunted and Strike Back.

Transporter: The Series was originally supposed to air on Cinemax, but the network eventually dropped it entirely. Screen Rant readers were a little underwhelmed by the trailer that was released last year but it's probably worth at least giving the pilot a watch. The show also stars Andrea Osvárt (Aftershock) as Carla, Frank's handler and love interest, and François Berléand (who starred in the films) as Inspector Tarconi.

Will you be tuning in to watch Transporter: The Series when it airs this fall, or is your TV-watching schedule already booked up?


Transporter: The Series will air on TNT in fall 2014

Source: TNT

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