I suppose if there's one thing you can say about Paramount Pictures it's that they know how to promote an "event movie."

Over the last couple of days not one but two new trailers (one U.S, one international) for the upcoming Michael Bay-helmed actioner Transformers have been released and now there's word that a third trailer with different footage will be seen with Shrek the Third.

It looks, of course, like an action-packed blast. I am totally NOT expecting any sort of serious storyline... I just hope that Bay makes me care about the characters. Couple of things that bugged me about the trailer:

Right off the bat, I thought the character that is Shia LeBouf's dad is a complete prick. Who tells their kid they're going to go buy them a car, and drives by a Porsche dealership just to say "Psyche!" What a butthead.

Second, I'm not a long-time Transformers fan, and I imagine that this will be as close to nirvana as those folks will get on-screen (much like I expect Iron Man to do for me), but I was pulled out of the action by how fast the robots were able to move. Maybe this is in line with the history of the characters, but the physics of having a robot as tall as a building move lightning-quick just didn't set right. It looked cool, but my brain was saying "Something that big can't possibly move that fast."

Call it a minor peeve and it may not bother me in the movie, but it just didn't look right to me.

You can head on over to /Film for more or click on the image above to see the U.S. trailer.

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